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Korrektur bei Dialogen

Frage: Korrektur bei Dialogen
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Kann hier mal jemand rüber schauen ich bin abosoulte Niete in der Gramatik

Dialog 1.
Friend: I still have to do so much paperwork and did not get to eat lunch.

Me: Shall I perhaps help you and pick up the paperwork?
Friend: Oh yeah, that would be really nice of you.
Me: Sure, I`ll still like so you can go out for lunch in peace.
Friend: I praise you because you have something good for me.

Dialog 2.
Chef: I would like to have with you a personal interview, Ms. Roth folding.
Me: Ok, it must be now or later? And where do we meet?
Chef: We`ll meet at 12’ clock in my office, is that ok for you?
Me: Yes, that`s proper. I`ll see you later, bye.

Dialog 3.
Customer: Hello Ms. Roth folding them I just wanted to say that I`m next week in your business and would like to view.
Me: Yes that`s no problem, they are welcome at any time. Should I let you come to get directions via email?
Customer: Yes, that would be very nice and helpful.
Me: Of course, no problem I`ll leave it to come to them, I`m looking forward to your visit. Bye
Customer. Ok then I do modest until next week. Bye

Dialog 4.
Friend: I`m finally back from vacation tomorrow Vanessa.
Me: Oh cool it was about time, I`m looking forward.
Friend: I am also, however, I do not know how to get away from the airport.
Me: That`s not a problem should I pick you up from there?
Friend: Oh yes, that would be great many thanks.

Dialog 5.
Me: Hi, I`m looking forward to see what movie we want to look?
Friend: Yes I am also, we may like to watch comedy if you like?
Me: Yes, sounds great, then let`s buy the tickets.
Friend: Oh no I have no money with me
Me: No problem, I pay for you, ok?
Friend: Thank you that`s really sweet of you.

Dialog 6.
Me: Next week at a department meeting and we still need a chair for it.
Colleague: Ok well you say what do we do now?
Me: I thought that you would take on the might, if it is ok for you?
Colleague: Oh, I`m honored, sure I`ll do it
Me: Fine. I am pleased that you have agreed.
Frage von blairw | am 30.03.2014 - 12:51

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Antwort von Smiley2000 | 06.08.2014 - 17:38
Ich weiß nicht, ob ich so viel besser bin, aber ich versuche mal, dir zu helfen ;)

dialog 2:
C: I would like to have a personal interview with you, Ms.
Roth folding.
M: Ok, when does it start? And where do we meet?
C: We´ll meet at 12 o´clock at my office, is that ok for you?
M: Yes, thats perfekt. See you later, bye.

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