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An Answer from the Agony aunt: Korrigieren bitte

Frage: An Answer from the Agony aunt: Korrigieren bitte
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Dear Raphael,
Hello Raphy.
I hear you have a big problem with the girl. You don`t know, how girls thinking. Girls are very sensitive. They don`t like to polish off, but when you don`t say it her, she will never speak with you again. Hmm. That is very difficult. At the best you have to say it normal. You have to meet her personal. I hope she understand this. I think she is a really nice girl and she will get an other. You haven`t to say it on your handy. Girls are very angry when you say it on the phone. I hope this tips will help you with the girl and I hope you can write me back.
Best wishes, your Agony aunt.
Frage von Boldos (ehem. Mitglied) | am 12.12.2016 - 16:24

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