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P.30-32 told from Kingshaw's point of view

Alles zu Susan Hill  - I

Hausaufgabe Englisch: 01.02.2001

page 30-32 Tell the incident from Kingshaw’s point of view!
I was just walking around, exploring the fields behind the house, when I saw a crow above me in the air. First I did not take any further notice of it, but then I saw it again and realized that it was a huge one, even the biggest one I’ve ever seen. With large black wings it flew around in the air. I tried to ignore it but somehow it made me feel frightened and scared when I looked into its small dark eyes as it was circeling around me, coming closer and closer. After chasing it away with my arms, I became a little bit more afaid and decided to return to Warings, walking a little bit more quickly, but the crow kept following me, making strange loud noises. In panic I started running like hell to get home as fast as possible. Suddenly the crow attacked me, hitting my face with his dark wings. My left foot caught in one of the ruts by accident and immediately I keeled over and fell over, right into the mud, scratching my face on a thistle. But it came even worse: I saw Hooper standing behind a window, watching me all the time. Once again I must have seamed to be a complete idiot. But I didn’t care. Running again, I fearfully turned my head to see where the crow was, when it came right towards me, landing on my back. Immerdialety I felt its claws digging into my skind through the thin shirt. Again I fell into the mud, closed my eyes and started screaming in panic and pain, remembering that some people were even killed my crows. Finally my screams chased it away and I went home in fear and pain, still trembling, not daring to tell my mother or anyone else.

Page 30-32: Tell the incident from Kingshaw's point of view. Mit Lösung... (315 Wörter)
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