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Ist mein Text gramatikalisch richtig?

Frage: Ist mein Text gramatikalisch richtig?
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Also hier ist mein Text danke im vorraus!
Frage von markus2323 | am 29.11.2016 - 20:39

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Antwort von ShawnMendes (ehem. Mitglied) | 29.11.2016 - 21:37
Smartphones are amazing things to use but should it be banned to use them in school? I think it should, because smartphones could disturb the pupils.
The pupils could play games on them or even call their friends instead of concentrating on the lesson. Sure, it it would be more comfortable to use a smartphone for finding information on sites like Wikipedia or Google.
But many pupils abuse them and use them to text their friends.
The pupils could use laptops instead, to find informations since they can`t use them to play games or text their friends, therefore the pupils would sart to concentrate on their tasks. That`s why banning smartphones in school would be a great idea!

So würde ich es formulieren ^^

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