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jacks diary: bitte korrigieren

Frage: jacks diary: bitte korrigieren
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Dear diary! Today came the police and said that Ian Rider is died.
For the first i have a shook. My heart beat so fast. And then I looked to Alex, he say nothing. I think he was in a shook too. The police officer said that he wasn`t wearing his seat belt. Alex don`t believe that because he know that his uncle wearing always his seat belt. It was so unviable for Alex and me. Hours later I took him to the Burger King. And we talking about me. Alex was worried because that I go back to America. Actually my visa run out and I don`t want to leave Amerika. And I don`t know what I can do. In the moment I have no money to pay anything else for the house,food and bills. I am in a big problem. Could be enough what I have? I crying now for Ian Rider he was such a good men a man who was kind of me. I am missing him so badly. At the day of the funeral it was so bad for him but anything was ok. It was the saddest day in my life because Alex lost his uncle so badly. When I looked to Alex at the funeral he stare a man in grey suits. He always looked him. It was so weird. Alex tell me about the men with gun.It was so mysterious. I looked also the men. He was very strange. He come and go. It is so concerned for Alex. He lost his uncle and seems so quiet. Now I am also concerned what happened to him. He is alone in the world he has nobody without me but I am not in his family. I want to being with him in the bad situation. When we return from the funeral I ask him about the men with suits. Alex tell me not much about him. Then I asked him about the van outside the house and the removal of Ian Rider`s things from his locked room. He give me not many answers. In the next morning I was cooking breakfast and suddenly the bankers to ask Alex about important papers. That I understand it.
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