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Aufsatz "For and against essay"

Frage: Aufsatz "For and against essay"
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Yoa , einen wunderschönen Tag wünsche ich Ihnen.Ich muss am Dienstag im Englisch-Unterricht einen essay schreiben.Ja ne is klar,mit meinen Sprachkenntnissen ist dat net so einfach.Wir müssen einen Aufsatz zu diesem Thema verfassen: "Social media do not serve a useful purpose".Das Level ist "Upper Intermediate", also es sollte schon ordentlich sein.Ich habe einen Text geschrieben und ich wäre euch dankbar wenn ihr ihm ein bisschen Pepp verleihen

könntet.Danke im Voraus!

Communication has never been easier.It is inevitable to ignore that social media has become a significant part of our lifes.
Especially the impact on younger people is overwhelming.An average teen visits social networks every day.Sites like Facebook, Twitter
and Myspace expand and grow constantly.There is no doubt that social media has an immens influence on our society.Even so,
there are enormous numbers of discussions about the purpose of those sites,especially if there is a useful purpose.

The list of negative things about social media is indisputable.To begin with, a lot of people tend to spend hours on the Internet,chatting
with "friends", so they have rarely face-to-face communication.This can lead to a certain degree of isolation which has horrendous influence on
the individual.With the time the person will have less and less interaction with people in the reality and this could be even lethal.
Lot of mental ilnesses like anxiety or depressions are caused by alienation.Even more,a lack of performace in school by lots of young people is
caused by social meadia.They can`t learn efficiently because they are constantly dusrrupted by the message sounds.Grammar mistakes
are made in the chat`s in almost every informal conversation.Even adults can get serious problems at work because of social media.They
are sitting in their offices and have good time on Facebook.The overall productivity of people is falling in the most cases.

On the other hand, social media allowed people to communicate confortable and cheap.In the most cases it is absolutely free.Nowadays people
who have access to the Internet usually have a social media account.These site are not sophisticatet and you do not have to be a computer expert
to use them.Nowadays,communication is very straight forward.That is the reason why young people love them.Social media made lot things easier,for
instance people can easily make online communities that allow them to get online support and education.You can even sell and buy products
on social media.It helps people to stay informed.

All in all,there are convincing reasons against social media , I feel that the list of positive things is predominant.To my mind, the vast majority
of people can take advantage of social media, you just have to be careful.
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