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Adverb or Adjective

Frage: Adverb or Adjective
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This Lady has a loud voice (loud).

Jack always speaks loudly (loud).

Mary waits patiently in the doctor`s waiting room (Patient).

Dad was quiete sleppy yesterday (sleepy)

Jim picked up the phone and spoke quietly (quiet).

Mary works carefully (careful).

Jack is often happy (happy).

Nelly walked around nervously (nervous).

That man is a Person (nervous (nervous).

Susan and George work slowly (slow.)

Jill runs to School fast (fast)

Tom runs home quickly (quick)

His story souds strange(strange)

Paul is a policeman.
He has a dangerous Job (dangerous)

The dog is always hungry (hungry).

Thee children are (good an English.(good)

Your brother works hard, he is so lazy, (hard)

Ann near had an accident last Sunday. (near)

Have you been to the Cinema late (late)

Mary always Dresses beautifully (beautiful)

Yes, it was raining heavy for two hours. (heavy)

He has painted it nice (nice)

What a yuick worker he is!(quick)

He is always very polite. (polite)

He greets us always friendly (friendly).

Arthur rode back quickly to the inn (quick)

They saw a beautiful Butterfly on a rose. (beautiful)

When the teacher heard about the missing book he said angryly. You should be more careful. (angry)

When he told him the truth, he was quiet (quiet)

This wound Looks bad, the doctor said. (bad)
Frage von patrick123 | am 20.02.2016 - 08:52

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Antwort von Ratgeber | 20.02.2016 - 17:20
  • Have you been to the Cinema late ly (late)?
  • Yes,
    it was raining heavily for two hours. (heavy)
  • He has painted it nicely (nice)

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Antwort von alessiax | 22.02.2016 - 20:26
eine Ergänzung:
  • Anne nearly had an accident last saturday. (near)

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