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comment on globalization

Frage: comment on globalization
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hey leute, könnt ihr bitte mal drüber schauen und es eventuel verbessern. satzbau und gammatik und so...

habt ihr dann noch vllt noch ein paar tips für mich für die vor und nachteile der technischen globalisierung.....
vielen dank schon mal...
hier kommt der text

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of cultural, economical and technological globalization

“Globalization” stands for the process of increasing the connectivity and interdependence of the world`s markets and businesses. In its literal sense it means the transformation of local or regional phenomena into global ones. It has speeded up dramatically in the last two decades in different way. Globalization is often used to refer to economy, culture and technology.

In the following I am going to tell you something about my first chosen topic, advantages and disadvantages of cultural globalization. The government work together. Now we have allies all around the world. The consequence of this could be peace all over the world. We can travel the world, live in every foreign country. There are no restrictions anymore. We can learn more about other countries and cultures in order to decrease and reduce prejudice. People of the world are unified into a single society and function together.
On the other hand there are also disadvantages if we talk about cultural globalization. There could be a loss of cultural identity or maybe also a lack of diversity.

Another aspect about globalization is the economical one. If we talk about advantages first we have to mention the free trade it makes possible. Globalization overcome borderlines, the efficiency of the global marked is growing. Economic theories of comparative advantage suggest that free trade leads to a more efficient allocation of resources, with all countries involved in the trade benefiting. That fact makes it possible to have an extremely wide range of food. For instance: We can eat bananas or pineapples almost all over the year. Also the exotic vegetables like dragon fruit or mango are available at every season in Germany. This makes the very fast transportation because of the free trade marked and the lack of borderlines possible. Due to the free flow of capital, countries can invest in every other country. They also can shift their money as they like. Another aspect is that companies can produce their goods in other cheaper countries. Because of the cheap labor companies can reduce costs and refer this reduction to consumers. If companies expand, they also create jobs in other countries and guarantee existence. For instance people working in such expanded companies get more money than the local average income. In this way they live in better standards, can afford “luxury goods” and give their children the chance for a better education. Consumers can save money buying these goods, coming out of developing counties. And also you can benefit of taxes in other countries.

On the other hand there are also disadvantages. The companies may be not interested in the domestic marked anymore because they earn more money in other countries. Apart from that counties have not got that much money because of the financial crises. If we talk about creating jobs in other countries we also have to say that people working before in such companies loose their jobs because of the expeditions.

In the last topic I would like to tell you something about the technological globalization.
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