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Frage: Texte korrigieren bitte
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Könnte jemand diese Texte grammatikalisch korrigieren? Danke :)

Unusual Collector
Deborah Henson-Conant is a science historian who never lost her childhood fascination with organic chemistry.
She collects a really unusual thing. Deborah burns her food and collects it. Once she has a very long phone call. After the phone call she came to the kitchen and saw that her apple cider was became a cinder. She was really impressed. Later she baked a potato for more then 3 days. She does really like the cinder and how it looks. Because of that she started to collect burned food.
Now she has opened a museum where you can see all the burned things and you can also burn there things self. The museum is in Arlington, Massachusetts and it is visited by more then 25 000 people. The museum motto is: “To Cook the Museum Way -- always leave the flame on low . . . and then take a long nap."

My Favourite Hero

My superhero is called “Perry, the duckbill”. He is green with an orange bill. Perry is about a half meter tall and he always wears a cap when he saves the world. He hasn’t got any superpower, but he is really intelligent and he saves the world nearly every day. In his real he is a pet of three children. They don’t know anything about his dual life. They often wonder where he is but they never look after him.
His enemy is Dr. Doofenschmirtz. He always tried to make bad things but because of Perry it never works. Once he tried to take the “Big Ben” and place it in front of his house because he needed a clock and didn’t want to buy one. Perry destroyed his machine which should carry the “Big Ben”. So he could not steal the clock.
Perry is really brave and intelligent. He is my favourite hero.
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