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Canada - Toronto: Referatentwurf korrigieren, bitte !

Frage: Canada - Toronto: Referatentwurf korrigieren, bitte !
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ich muss morgen ein referat mit 2 anderen über "Canada - the most important citys vortragen".
Ich habe die Stadt Toronto. ich bin eig schon realtiv gut in englisch aber mit dem übersetzen habe ich immer etwas probleme. Es wär nett wenn ihr mich berichtigen könntet, weil die übersetzer im internet sind nicht so gut meiner Meinung nach. außerdem bräucht ich noch ein paal überleitungen wie ich ein thema wie z.B. Klima oder Geschichte einleiten kann
Danke schonmal

hier ist der Text:


At first I will tell you some facts about Toronto. Toronto has a population of 2,5 Million people and it’s the biggest city of Canada. It’s the capital of Ontario. The city lies on the west shore of the Ontario lake and is also called city of the parts of town.

Now I tell you how the climate in Toronto is. The winters are short with hard cold’s phases and extreme temperatures like -10°. It is snowing from November to April.
In the summer is a humid climate. The temperatures are between 20 and 29°celsius.

Earlier Toronto was called York then, however, it was renamed that one can distinguish it better from New York.Already in the 1950s achieved Toronto population the million border. The immigration of Asian and European areas is to be led back on the destruction during the 2-nd world war Today Toronto is the economically strongest and safest city.


Casa Loma:
It is also called house on the hill. It’s a castle in the European Style. It was built in 1911 to 1914 by sir Henry Pelatt as a dwelling house. Today it is a museum with 9 rooms, confidential ways, an old swimming-pool and a botanical conservatory. it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Toronto. Some films were turned there. For example X-Men and Chicago.

It is the highest building in America and landmark of Canada. The tower has a rotary restaurant and two view platforms.

Art Gallery of Ontario
It belongs to the biggest art museums of North America and were opened in 1900. Especially Canadian painting, European painting and sculptures is issued by Henry Moore

The prevailing language in Toronto is English. Only about 1.4% of the population speaks French. Important languages are, above all, Chinese, Portuguese and italenisch.
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