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[I want to tell you something about Canada.]
Canada is with a total area about 9984670 square kilometers the second largest country after Russia.
8% of the area is water. 32270507 Inhabitants live in Canada, so Canada is one of the bad settled countries in the world.
Canada lies in the northern North America. It is bounded to the south and the northwest by the United States. To the east lays the Atlantic Ocean and to the west the Pacific Ocean.
Canada has a lot of wood industry and uranium deposit. The environment is very great there but the wood industry steals the living space from the animals. The air pollution there is very bad because of the industries.
Canada is a confederation with ten provinces and three territories managed by the government.
Canada is a representative parliamentary democracy with a symbolic constitutional monarchy within the British Commonwealth of Nations.
The symbolic head of state is the British queen Elizabeth II, she will represent through a governor-general. The prime minister is the broadminded Paul Martin.
(Now I want to tell you something about the history…)
The first experiment of a European settlement occurred through the Vikings among Leif Eriksson past 1000th The Settlement did not long have however existence. The first durable settlement set up, with Québec, the French 1608th. After several wars between France and England attacked all north-American colonies 1763 the English crown.
1812 to 1814 it came between the independent USA and Great Britain's remained colonies in Canada for a war. In 1867 the British colonies received a condition and certain self-sufficiency opposite Great Britain.
Formally Canada first 1982 received the complete independence.
(Now I want to tell a little bit over sights in Canada…)
Mount Logan in Yukon is the highest mountain in Canada and the second highest mountain of North America with 5959m.Canada has the most freshwater lakes in the world, with over a million in Ontario alone and Manitoulin Island as the world’s largest freshwater island.
The animal world in Canada is very great. You can see Grizzlies in forests and a lot of other beautiful animals. At the big lakes and rivers you can see a lot of trout. At the Polar Regions live ice bears and Arctic foxes but it’s very difficult to see them because there is every where snow and the animals are white. In Canada are 42 National Parks like Aulavik, Prince Edward Island and Georgian Bay Islands.
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