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Rossant,Cecile-Underground New York:Kontrolle Inhaltsangabe?

Frage: Rossant,Cecile-Underground New York:Kontrolle Inhaltsangabe?
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ich habe (mal wieder) ein problem.

Wir sollten in der Schule die Lektüre "Underground New York" lesen (von Cornelsen). Dazu eine Inhaltsangabe schreiben und die Personen charakterisieren.
Ich habe die komplette Inhaltsangabe in der Vergangenheitsform geschrieben. Ist das richtig oder falsch?

Und: Hier der Text! Ich bin mir nicht so sicher in der Grammatik. Ich könnte einen gebrauchen, der sich dafür bereitstellt diesen zu korrigieren!


Chapter 1

Basti and Zoe arrived in New York. First they got lost each other.
But then they find Uncle Ben,Debbie and Rick at the airport. Zoe was very excited and can磘
speak english because this. Uncle Ben took them to his apartment. It was a big apartment,
a 16-story tower. And they live in the 14th floor. They have a balcony where you can see the
Statue of Liberty. Zoe thought this was a hotel, because it was so strange.
After the elevator took them up, they meet Aunt Marion, Rick and Debbie showed Basti and Zoe the
rooms where they can sleep. After that they had a walk where Rick and Debbie present
many sights. Rick and Basti talked about the 9/11 and Rick told him how it was.
He was in school and the teacher talked about dinosaurs. Suddenly Rick heard a big
创bum创 and looked out the window. The EMpire State Building was collapsed.
It was so horrible and very much people cryed.

Chapter 2
Zoe and Basti go to the ESB with Debbie and Rick, after Uncle Ben print out the tickets from
the internet and wonderd him why it cost 18 dollars per elevator ride. Everybody enjoy it on
the Empire State Building and had a great view. After a while they go was taken down by the
elevator and go back to home. Basti and Rick talked about the coming day and Ricks plans.
He want to go to a tunnel with 2 friends and want to paint graffiti pictures on the wall.
Basti thought it was a great excited idea and then they told it Debbie and Zoe. Both of them
want to come with.Rick was happy. but what is with Ben and Marion? They had planned to say they
go to Central park. After a while they磖e at home. But then Debbie said she wouldn磘 go with
them to the tunnel. Her idea was to say they will make a picknick in Central park and she
is taking the meals,when Ben or Marion will be wondering.

Chapter 3
Basti, Zoe and Rick went to the tunnel. Everbody was excited. Then they meet Moog and Raul, the
two friends from Rick. First they had to climb over the fence. Moog and Raul straight want to
go in, but Rick said it was better to wait for the next train. Moog and Raul accepted this.
After 1 minute the train came. Everybody looked on their watches and save the time. Every 40
come a train, so the next train will be here at 11.45, because it is 11.05. They go in.
Rick was amazed about the great graffitis on the walls. They looked at the pictures from other
painters and then found a free point, where were no graffitis. Raul, Rick and Moog lay down
their rucksacks and unpacked out the cans. They started painting and Zoe had taken photos of
some pictures of the walls. Zoe go far away until the darkness. Zoe saw that the next train
will be come soon. She saw a door in the tunnel and go in the room after the door. It was
dark, she couldn磘 see anything until she had used her flashlight. Suddenly she saw an old man,
sitting after a metal table. She was really s.c.a.r.e.d. The man asked for her nameand where she
come from. She replyed that her name is Zoe and she come from germany,near from Frankfurt. [...]
Basti, Moog, Rick and Raul also saw the next train will be come soon. But where was Zoe?
Basti was very nervous and looked after Zoe in every corner. There was a door. Basti went in. Nothing.
There was another door. Basti went in again. Yes, there was Zoe. But there was an old crazy man too.
Moog and Raul came in too. Everybody talked to each other.After they go out, they knew that the name
from the man is Mr Kaminski , he was called Professor and every Grafitti painter knows him.
Basti, Zoe and Rick had to go to Central park, because they maked a date with Debbie there.
They met Debbie and told her what they have did.

Chapter 4
Zoe saw lots of interesting people, restaurants and other things. Basti explained there was the most
famous apartment building in New York, the Dakota. They went to Central Park after picking up Debbie.
After their trip all went home. But then Rick argued with Debbie. Debbie want to go to the beach and
Rick want to go to the tunnel again. Then Uncle Ben came out of a room. He asked Rick what磗 this
all about. But Rick told him some other things. Zoe had an great idea: They go to the tunnel and
Zoe will make a photo shooting with Debbie. Debbie also thought it was great and Rick agreed to.
So they will do that. By the way they explained Debbie who Mr Kaminski was.
They already reached the beach promenade. It was very sunny and there was many people! Rick
started to rap a Flip Flop Rap. 创Flip Flop, Flip Flop, they don磘 stop...创 Zoe had taken photos and
they enjoyed the day.

Chapter 5
Zoe talked with Debbie about the photos she did yesterday. And then Debbie and Zoe looked for
clothes to wear in the tunnel to take photos. Zoe thought they should be colorful and lightly.
They packed in a few clothes into the rucksack, made up and wanted to start their trip. And
so they went to the tunnel. It was very professional, as they do it every day. Looked on the
watches, checked the time and ran into the tunnel. Rick started finishing his painting on the wall,
Zoe and Debbie searched a good place to take photos and Basti wanted to go to Mr. Kaminski!
Basti went in Mr Kaminski磗 office after knocked on the door and he wanted to show Basti something.
There were photos of an old building on the desk. After Basti saw them, Mr Kaminski started explaining
that it was the Pennsylvania station on the photo, New York 1910 to 1963. Also he told Basti the history
of his life. He came from a very big family with 8 members. He had 4 sisters and 2 and a half brothers.
They named Berta, Sam, Murray, Edit, Shari, Ruth and was the half. And if it was too much for him,
he sometimes escaped to the Penn Station. It was on another photo. He loved trains and as he was
17 he became a track man, he had to checked if the tracks are right and sure.
Basti talked a little bit more with him. By the way Zoe and Debbie took photos and was in a real problem
a few minutes ago. As they took photos, Debbie saw that the nect train will be come in 2 minutes.
They had to hurry up. Zoe ran into a corner, but Debbie couldn磘 ran in her red sandals. They already
saw the train was coming. But fortunately Debbie managed it to ran into the corner too. The train passed
away and they looked after Debbies shoes. Debbie was a little bit sad as she saw his shoe and realized that
she couldn磘 call this a 创shoe创 any more.

Chapter 6
Mr Kaminski talked something to Basti and after a while debbie came in. She introduce herself and said
hello to him. Also they took a picture of all with Zoes camera. Mr Kaminski told them many facts about his past,
where he lived, how it was and something other. Basti learned that Mr Kaminskis family sold hats and the hats
named Kaminski hats. Zoe looked at her watch and realized they had to go to Rick now. So they did
it. Oh, the next train came and everybody squeezed himself in the Corner. The train passed and they went in
a sunny hot day.
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Antwort von morgengrauen007 (ehem. Mitglied) | 11.12.2010 - 12:03
Das Buch hat 10 Kapitel, bin bei Kapitel 8! Hier der Rest (hat in den oberen Beitrag nicht mehr gepasst):

Chapter 7
Zoe and Basti woke up early like every morning in the vacation of New York and today they
suddenly was alone in the kitchen. No Debbie and no Rick. But there was a short letter on the table.
Zoe read it:创 To Rick, Debbie, Zoe and Basti, Please meet Ben and me at the Wong Fat Restaurant,
67 Mott Street at 6pm. Don磘be late! Have a great day! Love, Marion (mom)创
Straight away Basti thought that was a street Mr Kaminski talked about. And so his idea was to go
to the neighborhood before visiting the restaurant. They wanted to do that, but not all time of the
day. So they tryed to find another good activity which they can do this day. Basti磗 idea was the
Brooklin bridge. And Zoe instantly agreed him. After a while Zoe got up and came. But he sad
he can磘 do something with they both, because he was called by Moog last night and was asked
to meet him. He sad Debbie can make something with them, but after Debbie came, she sad
she will meet her friends today and maybe Rick can do sth. with them. But Rick had also
planned the day a little bit differently. As always, Zoe had a great idea. Her idea was that
Debbie and Rick meet her friends and they both go alone to Brooklyn bridge. Debbie sad
they can lend their bikes to Basti and Zoe. They did it and Basti and Zoe went to Brooklyn
Bridge by the bikes. Suddenly they saw Moog on the bridge. They had a short talk with him
and after that talk they knew that Rick didn磘 met Raul today. Rick probably lied to Zoe and Basti.
After a while they arrived at Orchard Street. And there was a store
which solds hats. Basti and Zoe went in and Basti tried on every hat while Zoe had taken
photos of him until the seller came and asked they if they gad a problem. Basti founded a
great hat and asked how much money it costs. 30 dollars knew he from the man who
sold the hats. It was a little bit expensive, but Rick still bought it. They went out of
the store and continued their trip.
So it was late and they had to go to the restaurant Marion wrote on the letter
they read in the morning. They went in and a chinese man welcame him.
He brought him to a table but Rick sad they already had a table. The chinese man
brought they to the right table. After a moment Marion and Ben and Debbie came.
But Ben wondered where Rick was. After 5 minutes Rick also came into the restaurant.
They told Marion and Ben the whole story after Uncle Ben asked for that. They
all ate they yummy food and went home after that. And Rick apologized to Basti,
because he lied to him with Moog. He also told him the real story. And the real story
was that Rick was at the ghost stations and always thought somebody can call
the police and Rick will be grabbed.

Chapter 8
On the next day they thought about what they could do. Debbie磗 idea was visiting
the Statue of liberty ferry. Basti asked what is with Rick, because Rick still slept.
Basti went in the room and wanted to arouse Rick, but he saw Rick at the computer
with an 创Game Over创 message on the screen. They talked for a short time and
Basti asked him if he would come with them on a ride with the Statue of Liberty
Ferry Boat. Rick answered bored that he didn磘 want to go out this day. Basti, Zoe
and Debbie left the apartment nevertheless. Debbie thought they can go to
Statue of Liberty Ferry Boat and have a ride or they could take a ride on the
Staten Island Ferry. They had a great trip and after this they went to a photo
shop and picked up Zoes last photos. They passed it all around and everybody
looked on it. There was one picture of Mr Kaminski and Basti. So everybody
thought of Mr Kaminski. They talked about visiting the tunnel next time. But they
wanted to do it on they next day because it was already to dark to go there.
They arrived at the Freedom tunnel on the next day, at 12.15, after the train passed
at 12.25 they all ran straight to Mr Kaminski磗 office and knocked on his door, so there
came a voice which sad 创Herein创 before they went in. They showed Mr Kaminski
some photos Zoe took, inclusive the photo from Basti and Mr Kaminski. He told Basti,
Debbie and Zoe a scary history of the Roebling family. Mr Roebling was the ingeneer
from the Brooklan Bridge and then he became

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Antwort von yakup12345 (ehem. Mitglied) | 31.05.2012 - 12:56
eine frage wenn du die 10 auch zusammengefasst hast könntest du die auch schreiben danke :D

mfg . yakup

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