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Embryonic and stem cell research

Frage: Embryonic and stem cell research
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ich schreibe morgen eine englischklausur nd wäre euch super dnakbar wenn ihr einen blick über meinen text werfen würdet, damit sich die fehler da bis morgen noch rausmerzen.

Embryonic and stem cell research -a great scientific innovation or atrocity

Cloning, embryonic research and genetic testing are highly controversial topics nowadays. There a lot of unsolved question like when does life start and I probably can`t solve them either but in my point of view everyone should deal with both sides of this subject.

First stem cells researches already showed us that its a science field, which could bring us great step forwards. Scientist assume that the injection of embryonic stem cells into ill or paralysed parts could cause a production of new tissue, consequently the body would heal himself inside the body. Complete new possibilities would be open, paralysing and even illnesses like Alzheimer and Parkinson could be cured. Moreover every patient would get more independent, because there would be no waiting times for transplantation anymore and the problem of an immune system rejection against the transplanted part would be solved. In short stem cells make transplantation unneccesary and would revolutionice medical practice.

However you can also look sceptically on this medical breakthrough because by the extracting stem cells out of embryos you kill them. At this point it makes sense to ask the question is it right to take a young life in order to save an old one? We do not have the right to "play god" and decide about life and dead, because this is was Adolf Hitler try to do and is completely inacceptable and an atrocity.

This whole issue revolves around the question is an embryo an human living or not? As I already said in my introduction we cant answer that question yet, but I can claim my opinion.
In my eyes life doesnt start with the fertilization, because at that stage an embryo just consist out of cells and all elements which assign a human lving like a brain are not developed that. That`s why I believe that an embryo have no emotions and cant feel pain. Therefore approve and support embryonic research. This science field should be extented and rules should be relaxed to save the people who already live on earth and suffer.
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Antwort von GAST | 06.09.2010 - 21:30
kann mir den keiner helfen ..
bitte ist wirklich drigend. :( Übrigens dass forward muss ohne s, hab ich vorhin übersehen.

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