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Review - bitte korriegieren!

Frage: Review - bitte korriegieren!
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Wenn ich was hinzufuegen oder weglassen sollte, bitte sagen!

Review to the film 10 things I hate about you

The film, 10 things I hate about you, directed by Gil Junker, is based on Williams Shakespeare’s comedy, The Taming of the Shrew.
It is about, a dad, who tries to protect his daughters, love and disappointment.
The film is set in Parma, Ohio. Bianca Stratford, the most popular girl at Padua High School has a very strict and protective father, who doesn’t let her have dates until she finishes school. Cameron, a new boy at Padua High asks Bianca out. When Bianca asks her dad, he established a new rule, Bianca is only allowed to go out if Katharina, Bianca’s elder sister, who is opinionated and a man-eater, does as well, so her dad think she wont go out and her sister also not. Cameron convinces Joey, a self-confident model, who wants Bianca to bed, to pay Patrick to go out with her. Katharina and Patrick get closer and fall really in love in each other. At the prom Katharina finds out, about Patrick and the trouble begin.

All characters are very well played, especially Julia Stilles (Katharina), who plays an emancipated girl, is really impressive. Heath Ledger (Patrick) also plays his role authentic and the audience believes he is really this way.

The locations were adapted to the real life. Really good I find the scenes, which are played in the school, because it does not look like and equipped stage but, it looks like a really school.

All in all the film is really well done. The conflict is very well shown. I have any recommends to the film, because I think, it could not be better played.

Ist der plot zu lang?
Frage von Vici_17 | am 17.04.2010 - 22:56

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Antwort von Vici_17 | 17.04.2010 - 23:02
bitte, bitte, es ist wichtig!


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