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Hi ihr Lieben,

Ich bin gerade dabei mich auf das Abi vorzubereiten =)
Aus diesem Grund habe ich paar Texte zum Thema "short story" geschrieben.Es wäre nett , wenn einige von euch vielleicht sich meine Texte anschauen würden und vielleicht Tipps, Verbesserungsvorschläge oder Ähnliches geben würden!
Danke im Vorraus =)

The short story "The Dragon" written by Cynthia Forder deals with a freindship of one girl and a boy.
Moreover the author uses the first-person-narrator who is Kay.The other important character is Bob.
First of all Bob and Kay seem to be freidns and their mothers , too. But the focus of the story is on the friendship which undergoes a change in the course of the story. The main point is that Bob and Kay are just hanging out with each other because of their mothers. This implies that the freindship of them is not a true one beacause in reality each of them has different interests. But as they have a talk both of them say that they do not like each other and that the only reason why they are hanging out is just because of their mothers.Finally the short story ends with an unhappy ending in which Kay and Bob quit their friendship.

Comment on the point of view and its effect .What influence does this p.o.v have on the way you react to bob?

The short story is told in the first-person -narrator.This is the reason why the short story " The Dragon" can only have an limited point of view. The point of view play a important role in short storys because it presents the persepective in which the characters, the topic, events or situation are illustrated. this implies that Kay is the I -narrator and for this reason the reader can just accept the things how Kay presents her understanding and interpretation of the things. A better way of putting it is that this point of view is limited because the reader has not the chance to get other information for example about the character Bob. With reagard to the limited point of view I as a reader of the story have had the reaction that Bob is a person who likes to speak a lot and has different likes in comparison with Kay. Another point is that through the limited point of view Kay shows the things that she can only see .But in reality she cannot see everything and because of it Kay and also the reader thinks that bob is for example a little bit stupid even if he is not .

Creative writing. Write an additional scene to the story:Kay and Bob meet one year later.

It was a hot afternoon. Kay and I met one year later. I was sitting on a bench in the city and was eating a toast. At the same moment Bob was coming out from a shop from the other side of the street.
"Hey Bob!" I said.
But Bob did not react to me. For this reason I walked in the direction of Bob who bought a lots of things. Consequently Bob`s shopping bag dropped down beacause of the mass of the people who where in the city. I saw this and was jumping quickly to Bob for helping him. " I am sorry. Can I help you bob?" I asked. But Bob did not realize that it was me who wanted to help him and said" Oh thank you .It would be very nice!"
But at the same moment he looked to me and said " What are you doing here? Leave me alone!"
Then I was very sad and said" Bob.Ehm..Bob.Yes I know.."
Furthermore Bob interrupted me and said " You do not know nothing ! You are someone who is not what she pretends to be!"
My eyes were full of tears and I began to cry but also said " Bob. I can explain. Give me a chance please.Just a chance to make everything good again!"
Even if I was speaking Bob was taking his shopping bag and started to walk but I said " Bob.Please do not leave me .I know that I am at fault but do not forget that both of us quitted the friendship!"
But Bob was gone and I was alone and all the peoples in the city were looking at me..
After two hours Bob came back and surprisingly I was sitting on the bench again with a bad temper.
"Kay" a voice said.
In this moment I was dreaming and whispering" I am missing the swing" but not realizing that Bob was there.
" Kay " Bob shouted and for this reason I looked at him .He was smiling and this was the reason why I gave him a hug....

PS: vielleicht sind einige Tippfehler vorhanden ! :S =)
Frage von aysin (ehem. Mitglied) | am 28.12.2009 - 16:43

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Antwort von aysin (ehem. Mitglied) | 05.01.2010 - 21:24
hat sich echt niemand den Text durchgelesen nja..danke ....

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Antwort von farishta (ehem. Mitglied) | 03.12.2010 - 12:14
Hey, ich habe mich erst neulich angemeldet und bin eben auf deinen Text gestolpert. Also ich finde, dass du ziemlich gut geschrieben hast. Verbesserunsvorschläge hätte ich nicht, aber wahrscheinlichhast du auch schon dein Abi =)

najaa... machs guuuuuut

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