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New York: Text Korrektur lesen, bitte.

Frage: New York: Text Korrektur lesen, bitte.
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Today I tell you something about NEW YORK because I think it’s one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

New York is often called "the city that never sleeps."
It is the second largest city of the world.
It has an area of 780 square kilometres.
New York is on the Atlantic, in the east of the USA and it has five boroughs: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. These are connected by numerous bridges, tunnels and ferries.
But it’s not the capital of the USA – this is Washington.
There are nearly 8 Mio. people living.
Only one fifth of the inhabitants were born in New York.
There are more Italians in New York than together in Venice and Bologna.

Dutch founded New York in the year 1624, it wasn’t very big in that time.
At that time the village only consisted of a mill, 30 houses and a fort with thick walls.
The first name of this city was "New Amsterdam". In 1664 it was claimed by the British and was called “New York.
There are so many differences and it is the 5 th avenue, the streets full of corners in Greenwich Village, the hopelessness in the Bronx and hundreds of square-miles of extra ordinary wealthy suburbs which made New York to that city that it is today.

Subway: Most people in New York use the subway for going to work. Only pay 1.50$ and you can go to wherever you want. 3,5 Mio. People use the Subway every day. This means: in one year as many people go by subway as people live in china! This is 1/6 of the whole world. The whole subway-net has the length of more than 1000 km
Bus: there’s a bus stop at every second corner in New York. For going by bus, you need more time
than for going by taxi, but it’s much cheaper, too. There are 200 different bus lines.
Taxi: 12.187 taxis are in New York. You call them “Yellow Cab”. They drive everywhere around and
you only have to give a signal with your hand – then a taxi stops for you. It’s usually a bit expensive to travel by taxi, you still must pay the money for the driver, but it’s fast, safe and relaxed.

When you go sight seeing in N.Y. it is inpropable that you can visit all the famous sights because there are so many.

Statue of Liberty:

We begin our tour at the statue of Liberty.
It stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbor .It was a present from France in 1886 and its 93 m high. You have to climb 354 steps, until you have reached the crown.
But at the moment you can’t go to the top, because of the terrible tragedy of the World Trade Centre that occurred in lower Manhattan in 2001.

Central Park:
After that we go to the Central Park.
The Central Park is one of the biggest parks in the world. Central park is four kilometres long and also called the "Green lung of New York".
In the park there are a zoo, sports fields, a swimming pool and playgrounds.
In the summer there are many live concerts in the park.
There are a lot of skaters, musicians and tourists.

At the Empire State Building, we take an elevator to the 102nd floor.
Walk out on deck and see the city from above. The Empire State Building is the tallest building in New York. It’s about 449 m high.
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