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Facharbeit: Referat: Australien sports and history

Alles zu AUD - Australien allgemein

Hausarbeit: History of sports and soccer in Australia

1. Introduction
2. General informations about Australia
3. Sports in Australia
4. Soccer
5. The history of soccer in Australia
6. Conclusion
7. Literature

1. Introduction

My second class work should be deal with the topic The history of sport and soccer in Australia.
First I would like to describe the continent Australia itself and after than something about sport in Australia. As last I want work out something about soccer and the history of soccer in Australia.

2. General informations about Australia

The native Australians are the Aborigines. They were there 50000 till 60000 years ago. In the 16th century some Portuguese settlers explored the continent. In 1606 came the first European settler. He called Willem Jansz. In 1700 the colonies join together to Australia. Australia is the 6th biggest state on the earth. You can find the state on the southern hemisphere. Its not only a state its a continent too. In Australia lives 22.485.300 (December 2011) people. Australia is divided in three regions, the tableland, the great diving range and the Australian valley. Australia is divided in 9 federal states [3, 4]. It is located in many climatic zones (Picture 1).

Picture 1: Presentation of the six climatic zones of Australia [5].
3. Sports in Australia

Australia is an enthusiastic sport nation. Either they watch sport or they do sport. The most popular sports in Australia are football, rugby, soccer, cricket, surfing, horse race, tennis and boomerang throwing. In Australia is also located a formula one route. Soccer becomes more popular because the national team of Australia shall better in international contests [6].

4. Soccer

Soccer is a ball sport. In soccer are two teams with each eleven players. They play on a soccer field (Picture 2). One player is the goalkeeper and the other ten players are field players. Mostly, three or four players want defending the attacks of the other team. One or two players have the mission to play own attacks, and the rest of the team play in the middle field. If you want win with your team, you must shoot more goals against the other team. One game goes on 90 minutes. After 45 minutes is a half-time. The half-time goes on 15 minutes. You can kick the ball with all body parts except the arms and the hands. The goalkeeper is the single person who can use the hands or the arms [7].

Picture 2: Presentation of a soccer field [8].

5. The history of soccer in Australia

The Australian soccer association was founded in 1961. The name of the soccer association is called Football Federation Australia. In 1963 joined the soccer association to the FIFA, the World soccer association. In Australia exist two national teams. One team is for the women and the other team for the men. These two teams play against other teams of the world. Only Australian inhabitants with an Australian pass is it allowed to play in the national teams. Australia has a national soccer league too. This is a league with professional players only. In this soccer league it is allowed to play for persons from different countries. The league is called A-League. In this league are ten Teams. Every team plays two times against every other team. Thats why all teams have 18 games in one season [9].

6. Conclusion

Australia is a country with excellent conditions for sports and soccer players. The structure of the soccer league and national teams is comparable with Germany. The work was interesting for me to get informations about sports in Australia. I like Australia because the inhabitants are enthusiastic for sport.

7. Literature
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