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An article about singing

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What's the impulse during singing songs? It's just how you can be yourself, you can free your mind while singing. In addition you can express your feelings in a way which no other thing can make you do this. It makes fun to sing songs which are given, but the best thing is to write own, very personal songs in your own style. That is very ridding.
After you have written your song there comes the time when you can sit down and think about how the music should be, there are so many possibilities and you have to find music which emphasize your text and comes out from your soul.
My way is the Hip Hop and Soul music, because it's just me, in addition it's the music I prefer to hear every day. My opinion is secondary, you have to find your way.
When you've found that, there comes the moment when you can grab your voice and the music.
This is a very magical moment, because shortly before you grab your voice, you will be very nervous but when everything starts, you will be in your own world and everything comes out of you and you'll lay all your feelings and all your strength into this moment. The song will be pretty good when you practise singing a few years and it will develop better and better.
Anytime you can hear your voice on a CD, afterwards you'll stay on the stage and that's the greatest feeling when you make music. Try it!

This is an article about singing. The heading of this homework was "Time off". (257 Wörter)
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