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Short Story ‘Snapshot, Harvey Cedars 1948’ – Finishing the story

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GK-E 31.08.04

‘Snapshot, Harvey Cedars 1948’Finishing the story
Now looking at this picture makes me feel kind of strange. I put the photo back on his usual place. Years ago, he looked very handsome. There are some pictures from the beginning of his lunacy, he was fit, not overtrained. Then it started. Gradually he started making those cures with Primobolan, Spiropent and whatever they are called. My mom and him did not stay together that long, strictly speaking they separated when I was three. I stayed with my mom, but soon she started taking antidepressives, so I had to move to my aunt, her sister. She told me about her not being able to be happy, not being able to understand even the whole world and to tell apart whats wrong or right. My aunt taught me than, that every use of antibiotics is a cause for concern. It took not that long till my mother came into the neurological clinic. We were very confident for her recovery, till she was found one morning in her room, having cut her pulse vein. It was too late, she could not be helped. But I don’t know, that is now long ago.
My father was still living his dream, by building and building naturally with his cures. He had a steep carrier but as it was going higher and higher to the top, suddenly there was this turning point and all he had dreamed and worked for was lost. He was not realizing himself falling from his anabolic-steroid-mountain into a deep hole, never getting out of it again. At first it was his liver, it extended, but the doctor said the cardiac infarction was the main thing. Now I am sitting here next to him at the bedsidesickbed. He is pale, very thin and weak. He even can not stand up to go to the toilet. They called me and said I should come. I expected it, anyway. They said his liver started haemorrhaging. The blood running out of the liver could not being stopped. I understood. That was the way it had to end, wasn’t it?

Die Geschichte sollte weitergeschrieben werden, kann aber auch als Impuls zu anderen Geschichten genommen werden. (357 Wörter)
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