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Donna Tartt - The Secret History: Summary of Chapter 4

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Summary Chapter 4: "The Secret Histroy" von Donna Tartt

Richard thought, that everything could be, as it was before, when the twins came back from the winter holidays; they drink scotch and learn Greek. But he was wrong. Charles and Camilla had said, they would come back on Sunday night. So Richard thought they would visit him on Monday, but they didn’t. He heard nothing from Charles, Camilla, Henry, Bunny or Francis. Julian only had left some greetings in his mailbox.

On Wednesday Richard went to Julian’s office. Julian talks with him about Henry’s earlier arrival from Rome. He said to Richard that Henry was at him for a few days, because he has been ill. Henry has problems with his eyes and because of that he often has headaches. Richard was angry about the twins, because they were back in Hampden since three days and they hadn’t ring up. He phones Francis a few times, but he wasn’t home. His helplessness went stronger. He went back to his room and rode a book, until he got thirsty. So he went to get a coke. When he went back he heard some noise in the public room. Bunny watched TV when he came in. They talked about the trip to Rome and about the other Greek-students. After a few time Richard went back to his room, because he was tired. At the next morning he tried to call Henry, but he wasn’t home. Richard needed a book from Henry’s apartment, so he drove to get it. When Richard arrived at the apartment, he found a notice on a table, which says, that four flights were booked. Richard called the TWA and found out that these were one-flight-tickets. Richard didn’t know what their intention was. At the dinner Richard noticed that he was canceled from the rest of the college. Friday after breakfast he met Bunny. He didn’t know anything about the trip to Argentina, too. Richard was excited for the next Greek-lesson on Monday. He was surprised, everyone was there. They acted like nothing has happen. After a few minutes Camilla asked Richard whether he had asked himself where they have been. Camilla said they had lost the key to the apartment and therefore they were in the house to Francis.

Julian entered the room and the Greek-lesson began. After it Richard went home, he was confused about seeing them in the class. Suddenly it knocked on his door. It was Henry who asked him to go for a walk. They drove to an estate sale, but it wasn’t anything special. After this they went for eating a bit. At this time Henry talked with Richard about the phone call to the airline. At the trip home to Francis, Richard wanted to ask Henry many things, but he didn’t. Francis wasn’t at home, but Henry had a key from his apartment, because he was living there until his apartment was cleaned by a housemaid. Expect a few bottles of alcohol Francis had nothing to drink. Charles, Camilla, Francis and Henry wanted to fly to Argentina to get to Uruguay. Richard wants to know what their intention was to go there. Richard found out, they had killed someone, but Henry called it an accident. They wanted to make a bacchanal. At first Richard thought he was kidding but he wasn’t. At the bacchanal they tried out alcohol, drugs and little tins of poison. Henry felt like he hadn’t felt before, that the truth changes beautiful and dangerously. Charles, Camilla, Francis and Henry drive back alone to the house from Francis’ aunt, because Bunny destroyed nearly everything. Camilla said that she had thought she was a deer and the others thought they had hunted one. Suddenly Henry heard a noise behind him. He hit at it. It was a big and unreal yellow thing. It resist and because of that he hit so hard he could. Charles and Francis were near behind him. Their hair was gummed up from leaves and sludge. They get clear and Henrys hands were full of blood. Then they saw a man, who was lying in front of them. He was death. His neck was broken and his brain was spread all over his face. Henry didn’t know how it had happened. They decided to drive home and left the corpse there. After Henry had told the story Francis came home.
This is a summary of chapter 4 of Donna Tartt"s "The Secret Histroy".
(Englische Zusammenfassung des 4. Kapitels von "The Secret History" von Donna Tartt) (733 Wörter)
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