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Bill Bryson - "Germans - The New Americans?"

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Bill Brysons Germans – The new Americans?
The short story “Germans – The new Americans?” written by Bill Bryson, deals with the authors impressions of the Germans’ social evolution. In the first part he describes them as rich and successful in nowadays. But two decades ago they looked how they have to look: imaginary with unsportsmanlike bodies. This is only the authors impression of Hamburg and perhaps it is not characteristic for all Germans. The time changes and today the Germans look much better: self-confident and wealthy. Bill Bryson admires them of being not arrogant about their cleverness to work hard to make their city elegant and even themselves. He thinks of the Germans’ past and can’t forgive them this one. Because of this past the author is not rejoices that the Germans are on the way to be the new Americans. They are prosperous, work really hard and know that they are man-of-the-world. In the end Bill Bryson admires that he places more confidence in the Germans than in somebody who tried four decades ineffective to turn Britain in something like a nation-state.
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