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Buchrezension von "Die Schatzinsel"

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Treasure Island - Review

Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island will be a compelling book for all lovers of absorbing adventure stories. The story was published from 1881 to 1882 in many short parts in the magazine "Young Folks". The first English book was available in 1883. The places where the story is set are Bristol, the sea and of course, Treasure Island.
There are many characters but generally two groups exist. The good ones with e.g. Jim Hawkins, Dr. Livesey and Ben Gunn and the bad ones with e.g. Long John Silver or Israel Hands. The main characters are Jim Hawkins, a yound, brave and adventurous man and John Silver, a cruel Pirate.
One day, a pirate called Billy Bones appears in the "Admiral Benbow, a small accommondation in Bristol, that belongs to Jim's father. After Billy died because of a stroke, Jim finds a treasure map in his room. Together with some other people he starts a journey to the island where the treasure chest is. On the ship Jim notices that there are some members of captain Flints former Crew. Flint is already dead but the treasure once belonged to him...
As I said before I can recommend the book to all fans of such stories although I didn't like it. But that's not because it's badly written - it's really well written - its because I don't like books at all. Nonetheless is was the best of all those I had to read and disliked.

Eine englische Rezension zu dem Buch "Die Schatzinsel" von Robert Louis Stevenson mit persönlicher Stellungnahme (254 Wörter)
27.11.2014 von Krisibub
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