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CAL - Bernard MacLaverty meeting scene from Marcellas point of view

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CAL - Bernard MacLaverty

Rewrite the episode of meeting Marcella (pp. 43 f.) from Marcella's point of view adding any thoughts of hers that you might find relevant/suitable.
Lucy was walking in front of Marcella. Stumbling and jumping over the lines that separate the gingerbreads with great enjoyment talking to herself. Marcella was lost in her thoughts about the current situation which did not really make her feel comfortable. On the one hand she wanted to live a life without being dependent of Mrs. Morton but on the other hand would feel guilty if she just abandons her and her husband, who was badly injured and suffering, to their fate, only to feel free and autonomously. Actually she saw Lucy ran around the corner, stopped talking and in the next moment coming back to Marcella with her face in sweat. Marcella asked her what made her so excited but Lucy didn't answer. When Marcella came walking through the corner with Lucy carrying on her arms, she knew what Lucy put in a flurry, yet. Lucy was pointing with her small fingers at the man standing in front of them. It was the same young man, who helped her carry her groceries the other day. He was soaked with sweat and seemed to have just finished his work. She put her hand down to her daughter's head to calm her down. But she was nuzzling into her skirt, not looking at Cal. "You got home all right the other day? Cal said. Marcella looked confused because she didn't thought of him when Mrs. Morton had warned her there was someone. "Sorry? she replied. "With your groceries. "Oh, yes. Thank you again. Then she noticed the wedge half driven into wood opening up the crack. To her own surprise she had not thought of him being clever. "That's smart, she said, pointing. "I've never seen it done that way before. She smiled and saw a brief smile appearing on his face but disappearing as fast as it had appeared. Marcella listened carefully to Cal's explanation about his technique splitting the wood. "It is a bit like 'Give me a big enough lever and I'll move the world'. Give me a big enough wedge and I'll split it. She laughed and for a moment forgot about her sorrows. Feels free. Feels independent. "That's nice, she said when Lucy began to tug at her skirt, wanting her mother to go. "Just a minute, love she staves off Lucy. Marcella indulged in that feeling and wanted to last it longer. She felt, that she was in a talkative mind and told Cal about her day. "That was my first week back at work. Everything went wrong. I felt that day that the world was out to get me. And then you arrived to help. "The Girl Guides awarded me a gold star, he was joking. Lucy began to tug at her skirt and she had begun to whinge (quengeln). Marcella put on a serious face although she was amusing herself about his joke, but she actually felt wrong. Talking about her personal, private life with a man she didn't really know. What was up with her? Was it his masculine appearance that made her feeling so well? The way he closed his shirt which was open to the waist showing his lean hairless chest? She was confused. "I must go. All right, all right, Lucy, we're going now. She turned away still being higgledy-piggledy (coll. for confused). "Good to see you. She felt his eyes on her back when she walked to the house with Lucy holding her hand. The whole evening she couldn't divert her thoughts. They were circling about their coincidence in the noon.

Der Text ist aus der Sicht von Marcella umgeschrieben. Als Hausaufgabe. Er wurde als sehr gut bezeichnet. (638 Wörter)
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