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Zusammenfassung Kapitel 3 - Cal von Bernard Mac Laverty

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Bernard Mac Laverty: Cal

Summary of chapter 3

After Cal finally was offered a job on Morton’s farm, he talks about this with his father, because he thinks it’s a good theme to talk about. His father tells him he should call Crilli, and so Cal visits him right after tea, even if he doesn’t want to.

Crilli wants Cal to be the driver for a job again, so he accepts hardly and emphasizes only to be the driver. They both get a gun, and Crilli robs a shop at the other end of the town with success, then hands out some money to Cal who refuses to take it so Crilli throws it into his lap. Instead of having a drink in a pub, they head for Skeffington’s house where they are introduced to Skeffingtons dad, a confused old man, and hand out the money to Skeffington. Cal is conviced that he wants to get out of the gang, while the two want to change his mind with arguments that put pressure on him. The next Monday Cal starts working at the farm but he’s disappointed not to see Marcella, that’s why he goes to the library where she can convince him to take a book instead of his tapes he usually lends out. Back home he finds his house burning and his father sits in front of it crying. He expected Cal still to be in his room. They both find a place at Dermot’s house, a cousin of Shamie.

Shamie is afraid of the police searching the house, so Cal immediately runs back, asks the firemen to enter, telling them he has to get his father’s blood-pressure tablets. With the gun safe in his pocket, he heads back to Dermot’s house to get some sleep. It’s the first time in ages he feels secure, because nobody knows they are here. Shamie tells him he didn’t pay the insurance for years, which means they lost everything. Cal thinks about another place for him to stay because there’s no room for him, and asks his dad to do him a favour. He wants him not to tell anyone where he works, especially Crilli, and leaves his father. He stays in a cottage near the farm now, which for him means not only having a place to sleep, but also to be near Marcella. The first evening in the cottage gives him a lot of time to think about the evening when they killed a policeman, who turned out no one else but Marcella’s husband. After getting an alibi at a dance, Cal drove Crilli to the farmhouse. Crilli walked up the doorway, rang the bell, and shot Mr. Morton when he wanted to open the door. While dying he screamed for Marcella before he was silenced by Crilly’s gun. Cal could hear his screaming and the shots down in the car where he was waiting. They escaped and got back to the dance after blowing the car up. Some minutes later Cal couln’t stand it anymore at the dance, and went home feeling stamped with this murder for his lifetime.
Summary of chapter 3 of the book "Cal" from Bernard Mac Laverty / Zusammenfassung des 3. Kapitels des Buches "Cal" von Bernard Mac Laverty auf Englisch. (5 Folien) (521 Wörter)
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