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The play “Last to go” written by Harold Pinter is about a barman and an old newspaper man that are having a conversation in a coffee stall.
The barman says that about ten he was very busy and there was a lot of trade and deal. Later on tells the newspaper man that he is satisfied, because he sold all his newspapers before 10 o’clock, so that he went to the Victoria Station to look after George, a friend that he hadn’t seen since years, but without any fortune. Afterwards he goes to the coffee stall, where he is now talking with the barman. The situation in which the play takes place is one, where none of both are really concentrated, for example when they repeat the same phrases.

harold pinter last to go

The playwright Harold Pinter chooses two similar characters for his play: a newspaper man and a barman. None of them have a good job, and they understand each other, because both of them live in a parallel situation. The newspaper man tries to impress the barman by using an unusual vocabulary. For example on line 57: “No way of telling beforehand”. We can also see a lot of questions through the play, which shows that there is no clear topic to talk about: “Oh yes?” (line 8).

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