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Cartoon Analysis: Fast fashion sucks

Frage: Cartoon Analysis: Fast fashion sucks
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Hallo, kann jemand meine Cartoon Analysis korrigieren und mir vielleicht ein paar Tipps dazu geben?
Link zum Cartoon Vielen Dank!

This is a cartoon drawn by Kat J.
Weiss, published on 12/5/19 on and it deals with the issue of fast fashion. What is noticeable at the first glance is that the artist presents a serious topic in a simple and ironic way.

The scene depicts an abstract situation in a third world country in comparison to an industrialising country. On the right, there is appearing a western women which is underlined by the clothes she is wearing. Moreover, you can easily notice a poisonous river in the left part of the picture. Another significant aspect is the center of the picture which shows us a large billboard with a caption above it which reads "THIS COULD BE U". Behind the billboard, there is sitting a women working on a sewinh machine. Her facial expression seems to be exhausted and tired. Especially striking are the bright colours that the artist used.

The artist creates a negative atmosphere towards the aspect that we are not aware of where and under which conditions our fashion is produced This will be shown in detail in the following talk. The artist refers to a well known global issue such as fast fashion. Furthermore, he strongly criticises our lack of awareness about fast fashion.

First of all, you can clearly notice that the artist tries to draw the audiences attention to the fact that the scene depicts the horrendous and miserable working conditions of people who produce fashion by representing the womens facial expression. From her facial expression you can conclude how exhausted and frustrated she must be. That is exactly how the cartoon is supposed to make us overthink our attitude towards fast fashion. Moreover, the artist makes use of bright colours. Ultimately, common sense indicates that the colours are used to make the cartoon more vivid which clarifies the Intent of the cartoon which is to raise the People`s awareness for fast fashion. A further significant aspect is that the artist attempts to win us over to his side by triggering our emotions. This becomes more apparent while looking closely at the water colours from river which shows us how many chemicals are inside the water. That is why we become compassionate with the local citizens. Therefore, it is quite obvious that the artists drains our mood. As a result of this, I firmly believe that the crucial message is that we need to be mlre aware of where fast fashion is from and how sustainable it is. Thus, I guess that he appeals to the audiences conscience that we are accountable for the working conditions becuse of our power as customers, even if we have to sacrifice the comfort that we pay so less money for fashion. This can be exemplified be the aspect that we can buy a bikini for $20. On top of that, you can see that he also puts a lot of emphasis on the aspect that we only see perfectly build bodies on billboards

In conclusion I can express that the artists conveys his intention impeccably and extremely effectively from my point of view. Without any doubt the artist exactly knows how to trigger the audiences emotions properly. I also assume that he wants us to see fast fashion as horrible and horrendous. Moreover, he absolutely convinces me by his impeccably used visual elements which make sure we cannot misunderstand his concisely communicated message. Additionally I believe that his criticism is justified due to the fact that we are accountable as customers for the future of employees in the fashion industry. So it`s our mandatory duty to rearrange our attitude toward fast fashion.
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