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Kann jemand den Text korrigieren auch auf Simple Present

Frage: Kann jemand den Text korrigieren auch auf Simple Present
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Political cartoon analysis

The cartoon “Plastic//Recycle#2” by an unknown cartoonist was published on an unknown date, on the internet.
The cartoon depicts two of the most striking waste problems of our world, which are plastic pollution and oil drilling.

In the cartoon you can see two pictures which are separated through a black line. The whole cartoon is drawn in black and white colors. In the picture on the left side you can see a man standing at a podium. The podium is in the middle of the lower part of the picture, and you can only see the half upper part of it. On the podium are the two capital letters “BP”. Above the podium you can see the upper body of the man, who stands behind it. He wears a black jacket, white shirt, black tie and glasses. Through the glasses, you aren’t able to see his eyes. He has short, white hair, an oval looking head and sailing ears. His face doesn’t have a lot of emotions. Above his head is a short/black line, going to the top of the picture and indicates the text he says: “Unfortunately the spill is bigger than we thought...”. On the right side of his head is another short/black line, which indicates the man to the words: “The good news is all that plastic junk should contain it.”, he says. Those words are written on the right-hand side and so on above the second picture. The second picture depicts The Ocean full of plastic bottles and black oil. In the background you can see an oil platform. Unfortunately you aren’t able to see the water of the Ocean, because it’s completely full of oil and plastic.

The cartoon depicts two big environmental problems, which are “plastic pollution” and “oil drilling”. The cartoonist shows how environmentally harmful the humans act. Plastic pollution in our oceans is one of the biggest issues we have. 100 million marine animals die each year from plastic waste alone. For example 100,000 marine animals die from getting entangled in plastic yearly. The cartoon thus draws attention to the fact that we humans have to clean our oceans and free them from plastic waste. In addition, we must avoid the use of plastic as much as possible and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner.
The cartoonist labeled the podium with the two capital letters “BP”. These letters belong to the million-dollar company BP. They are intended to be a reminder of the act which happened in New Orleans, Louisiana on April 20, 2010. There the so-called “Deepwater Horizon” oil rig exploded and released over 130 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. It was the biggest oil spill ever. And that’s how the cartoonist pays attention to the second big issue which we have. There are large oil platforms in our seas and thus pollute them. Oil spills can cause the life of many marine animals and plants, which are living in our oceans. In condition to that, these oil platforms should be banned and closed to save lives.
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Antwort von matata | 21.05.2021 - 21:29
Wo kann man diesen Cartoon ansehen?

Wenn du einen Text in Simple Present korrigiert haben willst,
dann schreib ihn auch in Simple Present...
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Antwort von Ratgeber | 21.05.2021 - 22:43
gemeint ist wohl dieser Cartoon ...

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