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Short Story Analyse, ist das so richtig?

Frage: Short Story Analyse, ist das so richtig?
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Ich habe jetzt eine Analyse geschrieben zu „Locker 160“ by Lee Busselmanm. Könnte einer von euch da mal drüber schauen.

The Short Story „Locker 160” written by Lee Busselmann deals with bullying at a high school between three girls, which takes a bad turn.
The story is told from a first person point of view and takes place in a hallway of a school, the event starts in the morning before biology class (l.3).
The atmosphere overall is quite exciting and gets dramatic at the end.

The protagonists of the story seem to be Karen who’s also the narrator and her friend Julie. They attend the same school and biology class as well as Miriam Lacker, the victim of this story.
Karen describes her as “pretty” (l.9), she wears black hair, writes poetry and wears black hair, she isn’t quite popular but neither is she “unpopular” (l.9) .
Karen also portrays her as someone being “different” (l.10) which is the reason why they chose her in the first place as their prey.

The story starts on a morning before biology class, Karmen & Julie were and left a little note for Miriam in her locker . The message said “ You Stink” (L.16) on it, after Miriam found the note the girls started laughing.
After the first prank, the girls found it easy to play even more tricks/prank on her. They smuggled a bag of marbles (l.30) in her locker, when Miriam opened her locker, the marbles started bouncing all over the floor, next to the principal.
The following day Karmen and Julie made a “voodoo doll” of Miriam (cf. l.35) with her name-sign that said “Miriam” (l.36).
Next day’s prank got even more nastier , the girls signed all the names of their class and wrote that they hated Miriam and found her “weird” (cf.l.40). The two girls waiters in excitement for Miriam to arrive to biology class as usual but she didn’t arrive.
The two girls found out that the “rescue squad” (l.50) had arrived to rescue Miriam as she tried to take her life. After the news both of the girls started laughing.

The story is written in a formal language which helps to understand it easier. It’s also a dialogue between these two girls.
The story is a good example of how today’s school system is usual like and how little “innocent” pranks can turn out and grow into bad situations.
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