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Adjektive und Adverbien

Frage: Adjektive und Adverbien
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Bitte ergänzen Sie den Lückentext mit Adjektiven oder Adverben, im Positiv, Komparativ oder Superlativ!
Sally sings very well (good) and dances around happily (happy).
2. She looks very good (good).
3. She rushed home quick (quick).
4. But she wasn’t a good (good) runner, so she arrived home too late (late).
5. Her mother shouted at her grimly (grim) and her father got even more angry (angry).
6. He tried hard (hard) to convice her.
7. But she remains harder (hard).
8. Steven is a careful (careful) driver. But Sally drives more careful (careful) than he does.
9. She is simple (simple) afraid of crashing her car.
10. She is real (real) no danger to other people.
11. Sally is greatly (great) admired by Sarah.
12. Sarah is always nervous (nervous) and always drives very nervously (nervous).
13. Sarah is a very silly (silly) girl, but she is always high (high) elegant (elegant).
14. Her boyfriend George is a serious (serious) man who always talks very seriously (serious).
15. One day she bought a complete (complete) kitchen which annoyed him completely (complete).
16. It’s very easy (easy) to learn English.
17. Not every foreign language can be learned as easily (easy).
18. You will beable to speak English fluent (fluent) soon but you will have to revise grammar regularly (regular).
19. I’ve got good (good) news for you!
20. That sounds great (great) than your bad (bad) news yesterday.

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Antwort von Ratgeber | 08.03.2019 - 19:53
3. She rushed home quickly (quick).

9. She is simply (simple) afraid of crashing her car.
10. She is really (real) no danger to other people.
18. You will be able to speak English fluently (fluent) soon but you will have to revise grammar regularly (regular).
20. That sounds greater (great) than your bad (bad) news yesterday.
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