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Past Perfect or Past Continuous

Frage: Past Perfect or Past Continuous
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20) had been
21) hd met (first weiß ich nicht)
22) had had
23 had worn
24) had met
25) was flying

Past Perfect Simple or Past Continuous.

“Finally I asked Mike about it,” says Suzanne. “He told me who he was. Up to then, we (20. be) very relaxed and natural together and he thought his position might spoil all that.” Three months after they (21. first, meet), the ship docked in Southampton. Mike had to return to New York and Suzanne’s contract had come to an end. “It was like the end of the world for me, the thought of going home without him,” she remembers. But then all her dreams came true. Before they parted, the couple travelled to London together. While they (22. have) dinner together at the Ritz hotel, Mike proposed to Suzanne. When they got married in Suzanne’s home town, Mike’s relatives, friends and colleagues flew in from all over the world for the ceremony. While Mike, a former naval officer, (23. wear) his full white dress uniform, Suzanne came to the church in a gown of Italian silk satin. During the service Mike and Suzanne couldn’t help thinking about the night when they (24. meet) only six months before. As the couple left the church a plane (25. fly) overhead trailing a banner reading ‘Wedding day wishes to Sue and Mike Novak ...’

Vielen Dank, wenn jemand mal schaut. Habe mich bemüht, die Sätze richtig zu verstehen.
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