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Hello:) Ich habe bald eine mündlich Prüfung & habe den Text vorbereit. Aber ich bin mit bei meiner Grammatik nicht so sicher. Könnte ihr ihn mal durchlesen? :) Danke

You know 3 important facts about the special animals Alex, Koko, Kanzi

-Alex was an African grey parrot and Dr. Pepperberg trained him to talk.
-He had a vocabulary of about 150 words.
-He had a close relationship with Dr. Pepperberg.

Koko :
-Koko was a gorilla who was taught sigh language.
-She has learnt more than 1000 signs and she can understand about 2000 English words.
-She has invented her own words for example a white tiger means zebra.

-Kanzi is a bonobo chimpanzee.
-He has a vocabulary of over 3000 words and he can respond.
-And he likes to watching TV. He loves Tarzan.

You know about the critics opinions
-The critics think that it is artificial to teach animals our language. Because they have their own way of communicating.
-We should to trying to understand how animals communicate, instead of teaching them our language.

You can answer the ´your response’ question
I think it isn’t a good idea because animals have not the same brain how we and the need more time to learn something. And many animals live only 10 until 30 years, so they have a short life. And they have a law to enjoy their life and they shouldn’t waste their time to learn our language, because they have her own language.

You know who Ray Tomlinson is. What he did and you know his opinion about email.
-He was the inventor of emails. He lived in America.
-In the 1971 he has written the first email. He hasn’t a real reason for inventing it.
-He think that emai l aren’t influence the humans and now it’s easier to communicate with more people than before. But he hates spam and viruses.

You can talk about advantages and disadvantages of email
-The advantages of emails are we can communicate fast with all people on the world.
-Emails don’t need paper, so they support the environment.
-Emails can be sent one person or several people.
-You can link some photos or document.
- The disadvantages of emails are the spam and viruses from company and hackers.
-And emails need internet.
-It’s impersonal. A letter is more heartily than a email.
-The risk is that people rather send emails than talk personally.
You know William Kamkw amba’s story
-William is fourteen-year-old
-His family were farmers
-He lived in Masitala in southern Africa
-They had no money and less food
-William had to leave the school because his family could no longer pay the school

You know about his crazy idea
-His village had no electricity
-He borrowed books from the school library to educate himself
-He worked out how to build a home-made windmill which generated electricity
-He made a test windmill and after that he built a five-metre-high windmill out a bicycle, wood and car parts
-So the family had electric light and could pump water
-Bloggers make him famous. After them he has written a book and given many interviews
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