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Microsoft xbox: Text korrigieren

Frage: Microsoft xbox: Text korrigieren
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Könnt ihr mir diesen text mit Korrigieren ich ´bin leider nicht so gut in English

The Xbox is a game console developed by Microsoft.
There are three consoles of the Xbox. The xbox, xbox360 and the xbone. Now I will tell you something about the xbox .. The Xbox is the first developed console of microsoft. The inventor of the xbox is Ed Fries, who the successes of Sony, Nintendo and Sega encouraged Microsoft in the late 1990s to bring even a game console on the market. The Xbox belongs to the same console generation as the Sony PlayStation 2, the Nintendo GameCube or the Sega Dreamcast. The name "Xbox" was composed of the internal working title "Box" and the interface "DirectX". Actually, as an internal term, it was the official name of the first game console from Microsoft. The Xbox was first released in the US on November 15, 2001, then on February 22, 2002 in Japan and on March 14, 2002 in Europe. The first games of the xbox were: Halo: Fight for the future, Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding, Dead or Alive 3, Project Gotham Racing and Oddworld: Munch`s Oddysee. Halo 2 was the successful game of the xbox. In Germany the Xbox was sold at the start of the sale for 479 €, not even six weeks later the price was lowered to 299 €, a little later to 249 €. In August 2004, the Xbox finally cost 149 €, which corresponded to the price of the PlayStation 2 of the competitor Sony. The Xbox was sold 25 million times, but was still under the playstation 2. Today the first xbox is worth 50 euro. At the end of 2004 the production for games of the xbox was discontinued. Now I will tell you something about the xbox360. The xbox360 is also a console developed by microsoft and the successor of the xbox. It was also called the xbox 2 or xbox next. The Xbox 360 was launched in the United States and Canada on November 22, in Europe on December 2, and in Japan on December 10, Later it also appeared in secondary markets such as Latin America or Oceania. The console appeared in two different versions, the Core Edition and the Premium Edition. The difference between the two versions is that the premium edition has more memory and is in black and not in white. Here you can see. It contained a wireless controller a headset and a hmi cable. The best selling games of the xbox 360 were helo and call of duty. The xbox 360 was sold over 80 million times worldwide, but the competition plays 3 was still at the top. The popular on the xbox360 was the introduction of xbox live. Xbox Live is an online network of Microsoft. You can play with xbox live online with friends or against other people. It costs 60 euros a year. Today you can buy the xbox60 for less than 200 euro. By the end of 2012 the production of the xbox360 was discontinued and the current game console was developed by microsoft. The Xbox one. . The xboxone is the successor of the xbox360 and was presented on 21 mai 2013 for the first time. Microsoft specifically chose the name "One", because the new Xbox as advertised "all-in-one" console should serve not only as a video game platform, but also extend the TV with Internet and apps. It is competing with Sony`s PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Nintendo`s Wii. Special features include a personalized start-up screen and voice and gesture control (the latter was subsequently removed [8]) using the second generation of the Kinect sensor ] Since June 9th, 2014, the Xbox One is also available without the external Kinect control, in order to price itself at the main competitors, the PS4. ince November 22, 2013, the console is available in many countries in Europe and America as well as Australia. It started with a price of 400 euro meanwhile it costs approximately between 250 and 320 euro. In the picture you can see the xbox controller nelgeung (on the poster). I chose this topic because I have a xbox360 and play with it very often, but now I have a ps4. i dont think that the ps4 is better but the most of my firends have a ps4. Thnaks for listening i hope yu enjoyed it.
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Antwort von matata | 22.11.2016 - 21:04
Grundsätzlich darfst du jede Frage nur einmal stellen.
Deshalb wurde dein neuer Thread gelöscht.
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Antwort von sleepless4 | 22.11.2016 - 21:09
tut mir leid wusste ich nicht war nur verwundert weil keiner mir hilft^^ dachte es geht schnell

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