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Englisch Sätze, Texte und Zeitformen bitte korrigieren

Frage: Englisch Sätze, Texte und Zeitformen bitte korrigieren
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Hallo e-Hausaufgaben Community,

Im ersten Teil musste ich einen Lückentext ausfüllen.
Ich habe nur die Sätze mit den Wörtern die in der richtigen Zeitform sein sollen raus geschrieben, wo ich mir nicht sicher bin ob es stimmen könnte. Die Wörter die ich einsetzen musste stehen in der Klammer. Die unterstrichenen Wörter bitte korrigieren.

1. You`re sitting (you, sit) at your desk at this moment with a very innovative idea but not enough money to start your own business?
2. Maybe crowdfunding be (be) just the right thing for you.
3. which is where the name crowdfunding come (come) from.
4. and after they reading (read) it
5. and thinking (think) about it,
6. A few months ago a friend of mine need (need) money to launch the film
7. he make (make).
8. but he not earn (not earn) enough for his film project.
9. he doing (do) it again for his next film.
10. It is thought that the first crowdfunding project be (be) for a rock band in 1997.
11. In the last few years, because more and more people start (start) using the internet,
12. crowdfunding become (become) a good alternative for more potential business people.

Im zweiten Teil musste ich Fragen bilden und auch da auf die Zeitform achten. Bitte nur die Sätze korrigieren die unterstrichen sind.

1. The train is late.
- Comes the train late again?
2. We are arriving at 5 o`clock.
- When will they arrive?
3. I live in London.
- Where do you live?
4. Our uncle visited us because our mother was celebrating her birthday.
- Why our uncle comes to visit us?
5. Most distance-learning students study for about two hours every night.
- How many hours distance-learning students studying every night?
6. Jake was reading a newspaper when saw him.
- What reading Jake?
7. Madeleine and Dave have chosen the green carpet.
- What carpet chose Madeleine and Dave?
8. Helen`s alarm clock has been ringing at 5 o`clock all this week!
- Whose alarm clock rang always at 5 o`clock?
9. Sean has to deliver the newspaper in the morning.
- When delivers Sean the newspaper?
10. I will phone my girlfriend.
- Who are you trying to call?

Im dritten Teil musste ich einen kurzen Text schreiben, diesen bitte korrigieren.

Melanie wrote that she has a wonderful time here. The weather was good and she swam in the sea every day. She has also seen some sights. In her postcard she said she visited the capital city with a guide yesterday. The guide told some facts about the sights while we looked around. She told me that she walk up the highest mountain tomorrow. She thinks that it is hard. She asked me how I am and when my holiday and if I can pick them up at the airport.

Im vierten Teil musste ich Sätze mit meinen eigenen Ideen vervollständigen. Bitte die Sätze nach dem Komma korrigieren.
Bei Satz 2 nach job und bei Satz 5 nach table.

1. If the team wins the match, then we are the first.
2. Margaret could give up her job because she has found a better job.
3. Unless Bob helps, then we are done faster.
4. When the phone rings, then I know whats going on.
5. Jack would have bought the table if Jack had money.
6. If I were you, you were a little girl.

Im letzten Teil musste ich paar Dinge beschreiben, bitte diese Sätze korrigieren. Nummer 4 ist ein ausgedachter Urlaub auch diesen bitte korrigieren.

1. He is very tall.
He has brown eyes.
He has brown short hair.
He likes wearing white T-shirts.
He likes Schnitzel.

2. A soccer team has 11 players.
A rugby team has 15 players.
In soccer the ball must not be touched with the hands.
The ball may be thrown or passed by hand only backwards in rugby.

3. The alarm clock ring at 7 o`clock.
I drink a glass of water.
I open the window.
Then I go into the bathroom.
Then I wash myself and then get dressed.
Then I make my breakfast.

4. In August 2016 I flew to Japan. I wanted to explore the suicide forest Aokigahara for a short docu. In Japan I had to go first to the Aokigahara forest with a rental car, where I met with a guide who knew about the forest. When I got there, they were waiting for me. I was warmly received by the guide and another person, and we did not waste any time and went into the forest. We should not stay too long in the forest because it was very foggy and the temperature dropped quite quickly and at night it was quite cold in the forest. We were always close to each other since we should not be lost in the forest. It was difficult to get out of the forest without orientation. I always made some short films of the environment and made my photos. After a couple of hours we went back again, because I had all the material together what I needed. I said goodbye to them and drove back to my hotel. A beautiful and sad place at the same time the Aokigahara forest.

5. Watch some horror movies with my best friend.
Playing a online Game with my best friend.
I do my homeworks.
I still walking.
And I clear my room a little on.

Ich danke allen die sich Zeit nehmen und es korrigieren! (:

Liebe Grüße Luxichan
Frage von Luxichan | am 22.10.2016 - 16:15

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Antwort von Luxichan | 27.10.2016 - 14:53
ich hoffe es ist erlaubt zu pushen.

Ich bitte immer noch nach einer Korrektur. (:

Liebe Grüße Luxichan

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