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Referat über African Nation Congress: Bitte korrigieren !

Frage: Referat über African Nation Congress: Bitte korrigieren !
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Hallo, muß ein Referat in Englisch halten über den African Nation Congress. 10.Klasse Gymnasium Bayern.

Kann mir hier jemand helfen?

Komme leider nur schlecht voran. Bin in Englisch nicht sehr gut.

Frage von zweitgeborener | am 27.05.2015 - 12:20

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Antwort von brabbit | 27.05.2015 - 14:12
Wobei brauchst du Hilfe? Aufbau? Struktur? Inhalte? Verständnisfragen?
________________________ - Team

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Antwort von zweitgeborener | 27.05.2015 - 16:47
eigentlich bei vielem. habe mich schon informiert und zusammengeschrieben. würde mich halt über Hilfe zum Inhalt und bei der Übersetzung freuen. Kannst du mir da helfen? 

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Antwort von matata | 27.05.2015 - 17:03
Was du alles in dieses Referat packen kannst, siehst du in den folgenden Links:

Fürs Englisch bist du zuständig... Du kannst deinen Text hier einstellen, und jemand von den Helfern kann ihn dann korrigieren.
________________________ - Team

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Antwort von zweitgeborener | 27.05.2015 - 19:18
Vielen Dank. Die nächsten zwei Tage kann ich nicht an meinem Referat arbeiten. Am Wochenende mache ich weiter.  Kann ich dann evtl. nochmals um Hilfe bitten?

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Antwort von brabbit | 27.05.2015 - 23:34
Klar, das ist kein Problem. Viel Erfolg!
________________________ - Team

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Antwort von zweitgeborener | 30.05.2015 - 11:09
Hallo,  dass Referat habe ich nun fertig. Brauche nun Hilfe beim Übersetzten. Kann mir jemand helfen?

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Antwort von cleosulz | 30.05.2015 - 11:18
du kannst nicht erwarten, dass hier jemand deine Übersetzung erledigt.
Hast du das Referat auf Deutsch oder Englisch fertig?

Ich empfehle dir, die Übersetzung selbst zu versuchen - und bei Nachfragen hier (bitte unter diesem Thread) die Probleme einzustellen.
Es wird sich jemand finden, der deine Arbeit dann korrigiert.

Aber wir sind hier ein Schülerhilfe-Forum, in dem Eigenleistung erwartet wird.

Das heißt: Du musst eine Leistung bringen - wenn du nicht weiter weißt => dann helfen wir.

Abraham Lincoln:
Man hilft den Menschen nicht, wenn man für sie das tut, was sie selbst tun können.
________________________ - Team

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Antwort von zweitgeborener | 30.05.2015 - 12:16
Hallo,  das weiß ich schon. wollte nur,dass jemand mal darüber liest und seine Meinung äußert. 
Bin sehr unsicher, das Referat ist für mich aber sehr wichtig.

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Antwort von brabbit | 30.05.2015 - 12:25
Dann stell doch bitte dein Referat hier rein und wir kontrollieren. 
________________________ - Team

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Antwort von zweitgeborener | 30.05.2015 - 22:40
Danke, für das Angebot. Muß mein Referat aber noch fertig übersetzen.  Dann werde ich es einstellen.
Es ist schön, wenn man weiß, dass einem jemand hilft! Das freut mich!  😉

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Antwort von zweitgeborener | 05.06.2015 - 20:46
Das ist das fertige Referat. Wäre super wenn da jmd drüber schauen könnte! Danke

African National Congress (ANC)
Founded = 8.Janur 1912
Founder = John Dube
                  Pixley ka Isaka Seme
                  Sol Plaatje
It was founded in Bloemfontein
Headquarter = Luhuli House in Johannesburg 
Membership (2012) 1.2 Million 
President = Jacob Zuma 
Secretary General = Gwede Mantashe

-the party went in May 1994 from the first elections under the leadership of Nelson Mandela as the strongest party in South Africa
-the ANC was founded in 1912 as a non-violent civil rights organization to represent the interests of black Africans
-In the Union of South Africa which has been founded in 1910, the rights of black Africans were not recognized
-The attempts of the ANC in the twenties  to take action against the discrimination of the policy of the government were not successful
-in the forties was a more restrained time of the party , because of the growing white nationalism 
-1940 Alfred b . Xuma became president of the ANC and he recruited younger members such as Nelson Mandela
-the membership of the ANC took in the fifties greatly when the white minority government in South Africa 1948, the apartheid introduced a policy of rigid racial segregation
-The ANC fought against the apartheid active and engaged more and more in political confrontation with the government
- In the fiftys the action program of the ANC cause the Resistance campaign and because of this happening the mass movement against the apartheid started 
-Juni 1955: the ANC declared there “freedom-Charta”: this means that South Africa belong to everybody who life there even if they are black or white 
-1959: A lot of members left the ANC because they thought that South Africa only belongs to the black people and furthermore they dont like the kind of the battle which the ANC had against apartheid and so they founded the Pan-Africanis Congress (short: PAC) 
-March 1960: PAC organised a demonstration because they want to replace the ANC. This was the reason for the massacre on black people in Sharpeville. 
-Because of this happeining the government called the ermergency and prohibited all political organsitaiones of black people -> so they prohibited the ANC and PAC, too. -> so the peacefull Protest was finished 
-1961: ANC founded a paramilitary Organisation (the Umkhanto we Swize = “Speer der Nation”) in the underground . This Organisation began a Sabotage Campaign against the gouvernment, which was leaded from Mandela -> this was the reason why Mandela and Sisulu were arrested and had to stay in Prison lifelong 
-After this Tambo left South Africa and while he was in Exile he taked the lead of the ANC
-in the following 30 years the ANC operated from the underground and their leaders were in prison or exile
-70er Years: Workers and students fought with demonstartions and walkouts against the Regime
-While a deemonstration in 1976 in a black colony near Johannesbur (Soweto) a lot of students were killed
-Also 1000 people died during demonstrations in other parts of the land. This was the reason for the revival of the black politic and for a new attack of the apartheid
-The membership of the ANC growed up fastly
-All livingareas became areas of the political battle connected with the pursuit of political force-> a lot of organisations developted and the United Democratic Front (short: UDF) was founded 
-In 1986 a lot of independent trade unions builded the Congress of South African Unions (short: COSAFU) -> the gouvernment declared the state of ermegency and prohibited different political organisations as an answer to the grown resistance. This state of ermegency ended in 1990
-In 1990 the government didn’t prohibit the ANC and other political organisationes of black people, beacause the population want this
-In the same year Mandela, who was the leaderof the ANC, was allowed to go out of prison after 27 years
-The ANC became a political party, after they were an underground organisation. They want to get the might per the population 
-In the feburary of 1993 the ANC and the government agreed on a government which was only for a short time and which should lead the land after the voting in april 1994
-Million of the South-African were to take part in the first free democratic votings between the 27. and 30. april in 1994. Nevermind if they are black or wh
-At the scond may president Frederic Willem de Klerk assigned the presidential chair to Mandela after the ANC had won the votes with 62,6%

-Inkatha was orginal a culture- organisation from the Zulu
-In 1976 they became a political organsiation which had good relationships to the government of the whites 
-The founder was Mangosutu Buthelezi who was the chief from the Zulus
-Inkatha became fast to a leading political Party in Batustan Kwazulu, because they had 200000 members
-They won all the places from the legislative power meeting of Kwazulu in 1978 
-The ideology of the Inkathas was similar to traditions from the Zulu

-In 1985 members from the ANC  and the Inkatha had violent disputes again
-In 1991 the influence of the Inkatha ran low very much after it was discovered that the government of South Africa financed the movement with slush money
-In septembre 1992 the Inkatha and ANC signed a peace agreement 
-In April 1994 the Inkatha got abaout 2 million votes which was 10,5% from all the votes and so they won 43 places from 400 places in the new meeting

 -Black-Consciousness-movement was an organisation which was found in the late sixtees from a group of black South-African students
-> the object of this movement was to bring all the victims of the white racism together and to lead them to more self-confidence and more self-dependence
-One of their founder was Steve Biko and in 1968 he founded an only black organisation which was called SASO and which was an discrete organisation from students next to the NUSAS. The NUSAS was dominated from white people.
-Biko founded the nationwide Black People Convention which united the black-african, the blacks and the Asiats against the apartheid 
-At first the South-African government liked this movement and encouraged them 
-But in 1971 defined Steve Biko Black Consciousness as an awarness that its necessary that black people should unite with other black people to a group to come away from the slavery 
-> so the governement thought that this movement is a imminence 
-In 1976 were the demonstrations from the students against the introduction from Africaans as an subjects at the schools 
-The deomstrations in the Townships near Johannesburg were partly caused of the Black Consciousness. The demonstrations began in 1976 and until februrary in 1977 it gave 575 people who died while this demonstartions 
-In octobre 1977 were 18 Black-Consciousness-Movements prohibited (the SASO,too) and 50 of their leaders were arrested.  
-It gave internationale protests because the police arrested and killed Steve Biko
-A lot of young black people left the land and took part in paramilitary freedom-movements, because their movements were prohibited and there were Soweto-Demonstrationes

-In 1960 killed the police 67 people while a pecefull demonstartion from the PAC 
-After the massacre from Shapeville organisations like ANC or PAC gave their strategy of the non-violent resistance against apartheid up 
-From the seventys a lot of enormous demonstartions from the ANC caused the escalation of the conflict
- In April in 1996 the hearings from the committee of truth began and they continued 2 years. They dealt with criminal acts like torture, murder caused by political reasons and with the disappearance of a lot of people
-The Gremium is open for victims of the apartheid government and their police as well as for victims of the reistance battle. The Gremium was allowed to gave the actors an amnesty if they made a full and authentic confession.  
-In may 1998 the committee of truth  finished their work and Tutu thought this hearings were a success because they helped to find out what really happend and so South-Africa can concentrate on the future 

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Antwort von zweitgeborener | 05.06.2015 - 20:46
-In 1944 founded Mandela with Sisulu,Tambo and Anton Lembede the Youth League of the ANC and in 1948 he became the general secretary of this 
-At first he refused to work with other ethnic groups together but then he changed his opinion while the Defiance Campaign in 1952. So he supported the corporate battle of all ethnos against the apartheid 
-Mandela became the president of the Youth League
-In decembre 1952 he was arrested for 9 month because he made the Defiance Campaign against the apartheid. Also he wasn’t allowed to make political things in the following 9 years
-Although he was political activ, because he met the leaders of the ANC and created the M-Plan for the organisation of the ANC in the underground 
-In decembre 1956 Mandela and 156 other opposition members were indicted for the high treason. The process continued until 1961 and all the accuseds were discharged 
-After a demonstration against discriminatory laws which was organised from the PAC and which ended in the massacre of Sharpeville the ANC and PAC were prohibited in 1960
-In march 1961 went Mandela in the underground and traveled with Sisulu trough the land, because he wanted to organise strikes

-In july 1991 became Mandela the president of the ANC 
-By negotiation about the political reforms with the south-african government between 1990 and 1994, the government cancelled the last law of apartheid 
-In 1993 Mandela and de Klerk got the Nobel Prize for Peace for their commitment for democratie and the abolation of the apartheid in South-Africa 

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Antwort von zweitgeborener | 11.06.2015 - 18:52
Würde mich wirklich freuen wenn mir noch jmd helfen kann! Danke

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Antwort von zweitgeborener | 15.06.2015 - 07:13
Bitte dringend Antworten. Soll Morgen mein Referat halten. Würde gerne eure Meinungen dazu hören und evtl. Verbesserungen. 
Sehr wichtig, es geht um meine Versetzung. 

Vielen Dank!

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Antwort von matata | 15.06.2015 - 14:06
Bitte nicht spamen. Dein Referat steht im Forum, das reicht.
________________________ - Team

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Antwort von zweitgeborener | 15.06.2015 - 21:35
Der Termin für das Referat wurde auf Donnerstag verlegt. Kann jemand es lesen und mir evtl. Tipps zur Verbesserung geben.
Das wäre sehr nett.

Danke 😀

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