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englisch hausaufgabe hausaufgabe, wie findet ihr sie?

Frage: englisch hausaufgabe hausaufgabe, wie findet ihr sie?
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hallo miteinander, ich halte demnächst eine gfs (länger gehendes referat, welches wie eine klassenarbeit zählt) über "The Wave" und habe einen summary geschrieben und auch einen vergleich zwischen dem buch und dem film, wollte fragen ob ihr verbesserungsvorschläge habt oder fehler auf den ersten blick findet. LG :)

Differences between the book (1981) and the remake (2008)There are several differences between the book and the remake, one of the most important and conspicuous inequalities is for example the fact that the plot in the film takes place in Germany. The setting of thebook is a little town in California and takes place in Gordon HighSchool in 1969. In the film, everything is represented more modern.Even the project “The Wave” commence differently, it begins withan project week. The students can decide for themselves on whichproject they want to work on. In the class of Mr Rainer Wenger, whohas the topic autocracy, we can find the five protagonists from thebook Laurie (Caro), Amy (Lisa), David (Marco), Robert (Tim) and Mr.Ross (Mr. Wenger). The teacher discusses with the students if adicatorship in Germany would still be possible. Therefore he beginsthe project “The Wave” because most of the students do not thinkit could really work. Unlikein the book, he does not decides the name of his project, all votejointly. The logo of “The Wave” designs a student and the saluteis also a proposal of a student. One day, the students plans to gothrough the city to stick and spry on everywhere “The Wave” logo. Incontrast to the remake Laurie tells her parents about “The Wave”and her
motheris skeptical and talks a few times with Laurie over it. In the filmwe can see her just one time when Caro (Laurie) tries on her newwhite blouse. NamelyMr. Wenger (Mr. Ross), had decided that there will be a dress code inthe project week but Caro (Laurie) is aware that she wants to beindependent so the next day she do not wear a white blouse. In thebook “The Wave” there is no special dress code for members. Davidalso plays in a football team but in the German remake Marco (David)and his friends are playing water polo. Caro (Laurie) has a littlebrother and she has a role in a stage play. Normally, Laurie andDavid would visit Mr. Ross together after their break up and meetagain, because now David had realized that “The Wave” has gone tofar. Nevertheless Marco (David) is going alone to Mr. Wenger but heis not the only one who visits Mr. Wenger, Tim (Robert) also goes toMr. Wenger, he wants to be his bodyguard.Toboot, Lisa (Amy) betrays her best friend by kissing Marco (David) ata party and exploiting the opportunity because Caro (Laurie) did notwant to go to a party for only “The Wave” members. I also mustmention that in the film there is afemale principal and that in the end Tim (Robert) had killed one ofhis classmates and then he killed himself too. Mr. Wenger (Mr. Ross)was leaded away by the police and in the book this did not happened.Soin the end we get to know that the book has an happy ending for allinvolved but the remake has a dramatic end.

What might have been the reasons why the group experiment went out of control?Itis incredible how one person can affect so many young people, withoutthem noticing it. Maybe it was just because the students wereoverzealous and never had done such experiences before. They were notaware until they had seen the parallels between their National WaveYouth Movement and a dictatorship. No one wants to be against a wholegroup, so if anybody has doubts on the Youth Movement they would sayanything from fear. Teenagers and young people have fear of beingconcluded and not accepted. Some of the young people want to adapt totheir environment or they are intimidated by others.
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Antwort von matata | 23.06.2014 - 21:05 von Morton Rhue ( Todd Strasser)> Film nach dem Drehbuch vonJohnny Dawkins
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Antwort von Echelon1 | 23.06.2014 - 21:35
Ich habe diese Artikel bereits gelesen, kann aber leider schlecht alles komplett kopieren und einfügen, hatte gehofft, dass vielleicht jemand grammatikalische oder Rechtschreibfehler findet, trotzdem danke. LG

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