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A week without Internet

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A week without Internet

I use my computer which is connected to the Internet almost every day. Therefore I can hardly imagine that I could voluntarily live without the Internet for a week.
Although it already happened to me that the Internet didn't work - even up to two weeks - I knew that I wasn't responsible and that it will work again soon.
The Internet seems to be made for pupils. It is very useful when I have some problems at school or when we get any homework. You can find lots of information and send them to your friends by e-mail.
Another positive aspect is that I can call many people around the world - for nothing.
On the other hand many negative aspects of the Internet do exist. You have to be careful that you are not charged with subscription fees, you can get viruses, worms and dialer.
It is always necessary to see both sides, pro and con.
After all it is still essential for me to use the Internet because I have learned to obey the rules.
words: 182
Martin Schneider 10c 2004-12-20

Eine Hausaufgabe für Englisch. Es erzählt wie sich Internet auf sich selbst auswirkt. (188 Wörter)
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