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Englisch Grammatik und Rechtschreibung

Frage: Englisch Grammatik und Rechtschreibung
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Hi, ich habe den Inhalt eines Buches wiedergegeben, aber bin mir bei der Grammtik und Rechtschreibung nicht ganz sicher. Könnte jemand schauen, wo ich fehler gemacht habe und was ich korrigieren soll ? . Vielen dank :)

Chapter four: Jonas`s father comes home with a new child. Lily, Jonas´s sister likes the new child Gabriel. She says that she wants to be assigned as a Birthmother. Jonas isn`t that much interested in the child. Jonas remembers that he has taken an apple because it looked strange. The speaker says „objects are not to be removed from the recreation areas and that snacks are to be eaten".

Chapter five: Jonas dreams that he is in the bathroom with Fiona. In his dream he wants to take a shower with Fiona but she doesn`t want to and laughs at him. His mother tells Jonas that it is a normal dream and that he has to take pills against the feelings.

Chapter six: This chapter is about Lily`s Ceremony of Eight. Jonas doesn`t like the ceremony because it is nothing special. The chapter ends with the beginning of Jonas`s Ceremony of Twelve.

Chapter seven: The seventh chapter is about the Ceremony of Twelve. The elevens get there assignments. Asher, Jonas`s best friend, gets assigned as the assistant director of recreation. Fiona gets assigned as a caretaker of old people. Jonas is happy that he doesn`t get these jobs because he doesn`t like them. When it´s Jonas turn, the Chief Elder jumps from eighteen to twenty and Jonas doesn`t know why.

Chapter eight: The ceremony ends and the Chief Elder calls Jonas to stand up. The Chief Elder says to Jonas that he has been selected to be the new Receiver of Memory . Moreover, he says that the job will be hard and Jonas will need intelligence, integrity, courage and wisdom.

Chapter nine: Jonas is the new Receiver, but he doesn`t know what it really is. He talks with his family about his job and they say that it is a great honour. In his room, he sees the rules of his job . He is very sad and afraid about that there will be no more time to play with his friends. Jonas has a lot of questions but he doesn`t want to ask. He doesn`t have to tell his dreams which are good for him because his dreams are rarely. Furthermore, he doesn`t get medicine at his job.

Chapter ten: Jonas doesn`t like his new workplace because it looks very strange. In his room there are a lot of books. Jonas has a lot of questions but he is too afraid to ask. The Giver wants to transfer all his memories to Jonas. The Giver is going to transmit the first memory, it’s about snow and sleights.

Chapter eleven: Jonas sits on a sled and slides down a hill.
Jonas likes the new memories. After the transmission he knows new words like snow and sleights. All memories which the Giver transfered are lost . Jonas`s next memory is the sunshine. The sun warms Jonas while he lying on the grass. Jonas wants to have a bad memory because he doesn`t know what it is. He gets sunburn and he realizes the meaning of pain. Jonas wants to know the name of the old Receiver but he says that he has to call him the Giver

Chapter twelve: Jonas looks at Fiona and he sees something changed . Jonas informs the Giver about it. He realizes that the hair of Fiona has the same colour like the sled. Then the Giver transfers Jonas the memory of a rainbow.

Chapter thirteen: Jonas discusses with the Giver how it would be if there wouldn`t be sameness and if the people could choose. The Giver says that the people might make mistakes. Jonas tries to make other people see colours but he failed because he can`t share his memories. In the second part, Jonas and the Giver are speaking about the Receiver who had been selected before him, but had failed. The Giver says that when the Receiver or the Giver is dead the feelings he or she had are for everyone available. Later, Jonas has to go home because the Giver suffers bad memories, but one time Jonas asks if he can take part . The Giver decides to transfer him another memory.

Chapter fourteen: In the first part, Jonas gets a lot of bad memories, for example a broken leg . Jonas asks the Giver why he has to suffer these bad memories. The Giver says that he has to suffer bad memories because it is important in order to be wise . In the second part, Jonas says to his family that he could take Gabriel for a night. At night, Jonas gives him the memory of sailing . Gabriel doesn`t whimper anymore and he sleeps soundly until morning.

Chapter fifteen: In this chapter, Jonas is in a war. Jonas sees that the Giver is suffering. The Giver decides that Jonas take part in his suffering. Jonas gets a memory of war with blood all around and a man is begging for water. Jonas wakes up and the Giver apologizes for this memory.

Chapter sixteen: Jonas learns the feelings of love and the meaning of grandparents. Moreover, he gets the memory of a Christmas celebration. Jonas asks his parents about love but they say that word is too generalised. Jonas gives Gabriel each night a new memory.

Chapter seventeen: Jonas sees Asher and Fiona playing war games. Jonas remembers his bad memories about war. He says to Asher that he has to stop playing but Asher replies that he is the assistant director of recreation and he can do what he wants. Jonas has a little quarrel with Asher. Back home. Lily is asking for a bicycle but she will get it in a half of a year. The father says that he has to make a decision which one of the twins has to be released.

Chapter eighteen: Jonas and the Giver are speaking about Rosemary. Rosemary was the Receiver before. The Giver loved her . Rosemary had been asked for release and there wasn`t a rule against this. The Giver says to Jonas that when he has an accident Jonas` memories would be transmitted to all people of the community. Moreover, the Giver says if Jonas would die he could help the community with his new memories.

Chapter nineteen: The father is going to release one of the twins. Jonas wants to see it and the Giver asks him if he want. In addition, it`s kept on a video tape. Jonas doesn`t understand why his father gives the smaller one a syringe.

Chapter twenty: Jonas doesn`t want to go home. He sleeps by the Giver. The Giver says that this normal and all releases happen this way. Moreover, he says that Fiona does the job like Jonas` father. In addition, if Jonas would escape from the community everyone would have all feelings and they would live freely. They have to make a decision. The Giver and Jonas decide to do that. The Giver is trying to give him the memory of music but it doesn`t work because Jonas doesn`t take it. One day before the ceremony starts Jonas will put a note on his bed that he comes back. His parents would think he is at the Giver and then the memories would be released.

Chapter twenty-one: They have a dinner and the father says that Gabriel will be released tomorrow because he cries too much. At night Jonas rides away with Gabriel. When the morning comes Jonas decides to sleep a little bit because he rode a long way. Gabriel starts crying and Jonas transmit some of good memories to him.

Chapter twenty-two: Jonas and Gabriel are hungry. Jonas sees trees and hills but not agriculture fields. He is thinking about his decision and he asks himself whether his decision was right to leave his parents. To make Gabriel stop crying he transmit to him good memories.

Chapter twenty-three: Jonas has a difficult situation. Furthermore, he starts to go crazy because he has no food and nothing to drink. Jonas walks up a hill. He sees lights in all colours and at the end he hears music and people who are singing .
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