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Summary " kurze zusammenfassung " bitte um dringend hilfe.

Frage: Summary " kurze zusammenfassung " bitte um dringend hilfe.
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ich bedanke mich schonmal im vorraus

Könnt ihr mir helfen diesen Text zu verkürzen...

Muss halt eine kleinere zusammfassung sein

Hier ist der Text:
Usa - A first Glance
The United States of America is a big country.Only Russia,Canada,and China are geographiically bigger.Only China and India have more people.The united States stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and from Canada in the north Mexico in the south.

Because the name of the country is also big, most Americans refer to their country as the United States, the USA, the US of A, the US,the STates,or simply America.

The United States of America gets its name because it consists of 50 separate states.Each of these states has it own capital, its own flag, its own constitution, and its own state government headed by a governor. Each state can raise taxes and make many of its own local laws . There are 48 states between Canada and Mexico, but the biggest state, Alaska, is separated from the rest of the USA by Canada . The 50th state, Hawaii, consists of a group of islands out in the Pacific Ocean.

The Usa also has several overseas territories and possessions.The Us Virgin Islands and the Spanish speaking Island of Puerto Rico are in the Caribbean Guam, American Samoa, and the Northem Mariana Islands are in the Pacific Ocean. Except for the Samoans, these islanders are United States citizens. They cannot vote for President while they live on their islands. and they do not pay taxes to the government in Washington, but they can freely move to the Us mainland where they have the same rights as everyone else and have to pay taxes too!.

In addition to the state governments, there is a central , federal government for the whole country in washington , D.C. America`s law giving assembly, called Congress, meets in the Capitol Building. Congress makes laws that apply to the whole country.The head of the federal government and of the whole United States is the President. He is elected for four years at a time, gets to live in the White House,and can be President for a maximum of 8 years. The city of Washington, D.C. was named after George Washington who led the American army against the British during America`s War of Independence and later became the first President.
The D.C. stands for District of Columbia. Washington, D.C. is not part of any state, but is a separate area located between the states of Virginia and Maryland.

The US has two political parties, the Democrats and Republicans. The Republicans tend to be more conservative and are especially popular in the Sotuh, the Midwest, and in the suburbs of big cities . The Democrats are said to be less conserative and are popular in big cities in the Northeast, and among women and minorities. For most Americans, howeever, a politician`s personality is more important than a political party. In truth, it can be hard to see what the difference really is between a Republican and a Democrat. People are elected to government by a " winner takes all " system. The person or party that gets the most votes wins even if you win by just one vote

The flag of the United states has many names the Stars and Stripes, Old Glory, or the STar-Spangled Banner. "The Star-Spangled Banner" is also the name of America`s national anthem.In the upper left corner of the flag is a square with fifty silver stars on a dark blue background. These stars symbolize the fifty states. The thirteen red and white stripes represent the original thirteen states that won their independence from Great Britain. Cuba, Chile, Liberia, Malaysia and many other countries have copied the colors and design of the American Flag.

Another official symbol of the Us is the American bald eagle. A popular, unofficial symbol is Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam is a tall, thin old man with white hair and white beard. He wears a high hat and old-fashioned clothes decorated like the flag with stars and stripes.

Surprisingly, the USA does not have an official language. Most people speak English because the first settlers came from England. Spanish is very widely spoken, too. In recent years, millions of Spanish speaking people have come to the US from South America and Central America. Today, about 9 percent of the people are Spanish speaking Hispanics
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Schick den ganzen Text einmal durch eine Rechtschreibprüfung.
Da sind so viele Flüchtigkeitsfehler drin...
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