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Frage: Englisch-Texte // Summary
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Ich schreibe am Freitag eine Englischarbeit, bin in der 10.Klasse...

Das Thema ist summarys schreiben, also Zusammenfassungen ...

Leider finde ich keine Englischtexte im Netz, welche ich zusammenfassen könnte. Habt Ihr da evt. Ideen, bzw. Texte vorhanden?
Danke Euch schonmal im Vorraus und liebe Grüße, Tacca
Frage von tacca (ehem. Mitglied) | am 07.03.2011 - 14:56

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Antwort von Nightfall_sa (ehem. Mitglied) | 07.03.2011 - 17:44
Shashikala, a Sikh girl in Cardiff by Stuart Maine,
Last Tuesday, Shashikala ran away from home, a big step to take for an English girl of sixteen, but a terrible risk for an Indian girl of sixteen like Shashikala who was born in Cardiff of Sikh parents.
Until Tuesday she had been living all her life under the protection of a very close Sikh family that took religion and Indian culture very seriously.
When Shashikala first went to a Cardiff school, her father was very unhappy. In his opinion, the people in Cardiff,
the English and the Welsh, drank and smoked too much, didn`t take good care of their children and their old people, and wasted their money on silly luxuries.
When Shashikala became a teenager, her father was even more sure that the white children in Cardiff were having a very bad influence on his daughter and had far too much freedom. Because he felt that the white school was a threat to family life and Sikh tradition, he told her to leave school when she was sixteen and to prepare for an
arranged marriage with a young Sikh in Birmingham. Shashikala, whose dream it was to study and to become a doctor, was very unhappy. She had not even seen this boy in Birmingham and she certainly didn`t want to leave school!
Shashikala`s tutor came to see her father and tried to change his mind. The tutor told him that his daughter was very good at physics and chemistry and could easily get a place at Cardiff university to study medicine. When her father refused to listen to this,
Shashikala ran crying from the room. That night she packed a small suitcase and, at two o`clock in the morning, she climbed out of her bedroom window and walked to the house of her girl-friend Anna, an Italian girl. Anna understood very well why she wanted to live a different life from that of her mother: she didn`t want to wear
traditional dress any more and certainly didn`t want to marry an unknown Sikh.
Shashikala`s father went to the police the next morning to get her back. And now she is locked in her room and watched day and night. Her father says she has brought shame on the family. (372 words)
Source: Western Mail & South Wales Echo, 12 December 2000

Hab dafür auch noch eine Musterlösung, wenn du sie brauchst :)

Brauchst du auch noch Tipps usw. zur Summary oder klappt das? :)

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