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Englisch- Segregation+ lynching

Frage: Englisch- Segregation+ lynching
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ich schreibe am Freitag in englisch meine vorabiklausur.
Mein lehrer meinte es kommt das dritte thema ( also african- american exp.) mit semesterübergriff zum ersten sem.
( Irland)... ich hab schon soweit alles rausgesucht aber ich finde keine gute seite wo lynching und segregation guut erklärt wird :S kann mir da jmd etw vorschlagen... oder kann mir das vllt jmd grob erklären?
danke für eure hilfe...
Frage von zelal | am 02.02.2011 - 23:39

Antwort von GAST | 03.02.2011 - 10:44
Lynching is an extrajudicial execution carried out by a mob, often by hanging, but also by burning at the stake and shooting, in order to punish an alleged transgressor, or to intimidate, control, or otherwise manipulate a population of people, however large or small.
It is related to other means of social control that arise in communities, such as charivari, riding the rail, and tarring and feathering. Lynchings were more frequent in times of social and economic tension, and often were means by the politically dominant population to oppress social challengers.

Violence in the United States against African Americans, especially in the South, rose in the aftermath of the American Civil War, after slavery had been abolished and recently freed black men were given the right to vote. Violence rose even more at the end of the century, after southern white Democrats regained political power in the South in the 1870s. States passed new constitutions or legislation which effectively disenfranchised most blacks and many poor whites, established segregation of public facilities by race, and separated blacks from common public life and facilities. Nearly 5,000 African Americans were lynched in the United States between 1860 and 1890.[1]

Blieve it or not - It took me long hours of research to find this text
in wikipedia ha-ha-ha

I advise you to read "Saturday Afternoon" (Erskin Caldwell) - a short story about lynching as a white man`s pleasure sport in the South; or
watch Billie Holliday singing "Strange Fruits" on YouTube.

@ zelal, questions concerning pure information only must be answered by you yourself with the help of google.

google will give you 1,7 million hints for "segregation": here the first ones:

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