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Hallo zusammen,

könnte mir bitte meinen text durchlesen und verbessern :)

wäre sehr, sehr nett

German presidential election, 2010
Horst Köhler, the old president of Germany, was the first one, who gives up his job before his term of office will be ending.
Most of the German people loves their president. It was a shock, that he gave up.
Last Wednesday, the Federal Convention, voted a new predsident. There were four possible successors of president Köhler. Franck Rennicke (NPD) and Luc Jochimsen (The Left) were the outsiders. Joachin Gauck (SPD/the greens) and Christian Wulff (CDU/CSU/FDP) were the favourites. If everyone had voted for the own party, Christian Wulff would have been the 10th Presdient.
But the reality was different. After the first ballot, noone got the overall majority. That was also the result of the second ballot. So, the outsiders stopped their candidateships. Finally, in the third round Christian Wulff got the overall majority with 625 votes – 131 votes more than Joachin Gauck received.
There was a big discussion why there were three election-rounds in Berlin. The government had the overall majority, but they didn’t helped each other, and so, you can think, can the government, CDU and FDP, do an great job any more or is this the ending of the 17. legislativ period?

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Antwort von matata | 06.07.2010 - 21:25
the old president of Germany,

Dein Englisch ist zum Weinen...

.....the former president of Germany was the first who gave up his job before his time in office ended.

Lies das selber noch einmal durch und nimm den LEO dazu.
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