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Summary the pressure cooker..bitte kontrollieren!?

Frage: Summary the pressure cooker..bitte kontrollieren!?
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The content of the second szene from the „The Pressure Cooker“ by Steve Skidmore and Steve Barlow is a Argument between Andrea an her Mother.
Firstly, Andrea comes at home and see that her Mother is angry, because Andrea comes to late from school and didn´t do the housework. Her mum ask she about her exam for wich Andra learned very hardly. As she hears that her douther has bad results, she is even more angry. Andrea sad her Mother, that she wants to go to drama collage, but her mother means that its better for andrea when she goes to a university. Also she tells Andrea, to stop seeing her boyfriend Graham. In nearly the wohle text Andreas mother tell her that Ian, her son, more intelligent and better in school is, than Andrea.

The last szene(5) starts outside of Andreas house. Ian opens the door and lets Dawn in. Dawn is a friend of Andrea and she wants to visit she at home, because she was not at school. So she wants to know what is happend with her. Ian tells her, that Andrea swallowed nearly a whole bottle sleeping pils from her mum and on account of this, she is in Hospital. Also Dawn tells him, that they found a letter for a Agony Aunt, at school, wich be amonged to Andrea. All had laught about them. She tells him the problems what Andrea has.
Later, he explain her, that Anderea lay in a Coma and the doctor doesn´t know if Andrea will wake up. The play ends when the telephone starts to ring.
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