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"The Pressure Cooker" by Steve Skipmore and Steve Barlow

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The Pressure Cooker

In scene 1 of the play “The Pressure Cooker” by Steve Skidmore and Steve Barlow Andrea, the major character, talks to Graham, her boyfriend, about the mock exams. She has bad marks and is afraid of her mother who wants her to go to university. Graham doesn't take her problem seriously, he tries to be funny all the time. Dawn, Andrea`s best friend, enters the scene. She reminds Andrea and Graham about her party on Saturday . she asks what they are doing now and invites them to come to her to watch a video.
In scene 2, Amdrea's mother is getting to go out when Andrea enters the kitchen. She is suprised at seeing her mother still in. Her mother is angry because Andrea didn't do the housework. She asks about the exam. As she hears that Anrea has bad marks, she is very angry. Andrea tries to contradict her mother and to explain that she want to go to drama shool but her mother wants to hear anything and tells her to stop seeing Graham and to work.
In scene 3, Andrea sais sorry to Graham for staying at home. Graham is angry with her and she tries to explain her behaviour. But Graham doesn't want to understand her and tells her that he danced with other girls at the party. Moreover he has a date with Dawn. Andrea is disappointed and jealous. The scene ends when Graham goes away, asking who loves Andrea. She answers: Nobody!
In Scene 5, Dawn comes to Andrea'shouse to talk to her. Ian, Andrea's older brother, opens the door and lets her come in. He tells Dawn that Andrea is in hospital, because of swallowing sleeping pills. Dawn is shocked and tries to explain her behaviour, while Ian is blaming Dawn for her doing. He explains her that Andrea is in a coma and that the doctor doesn't know if Andrea will wake up and that they said they'd ring if anything happened. The play ends wehn the telephone starts to ring.

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Steve Skipmore und Steve Barlow
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