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Great Famine

Frage: Great Famine
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Wir schreiben Montag eine Klausur über die Great Famine in Irland.
Habe dazu schonmal einen kleinen Text verfasst villeicht könnte den ja jemand mal Korrektur lesen ;)
Viele Dank!

Protestant landowners often rented out their land to tenants. Usually poor Catholic families who used the livestock and agricultural products they had to produced to pay the rent. That meant that the families had got small pieces of land where they plant something to feed their families. Often they plant potatoes for their own eating and the other products like grain they sold to England. But the extent was, that a third of the population of Ireland had not much else to eat but potatoes. But in one year in 1845 a disease destroyed the potato plant and there was no harvest. The reason for this was a mould epidemix. The result was the Great Famine that killed between 500.000 and 1.000.000 (20-25%) people. But England continued to import Irish food wether Ireland´s farmers hadn´t anything to eat for themselves. They forced the tenants to delivered products. But there was another problem. The tenants couldn´t pay the rent for the farm. The families had to left the tenants with no means of feeding their families. This was the start of a great wave of emigration. More that one million people fled from the starvation in their home country to Great Britain, the USA, Canada or Australia.
This changed the culture, social and political nature of the county.

After the Great Famine there were founded secret organisation like the Fenians or the Irish Rebublican Brotherhood. The wanted the British to leave Ireland and to turn Ireland into an independent Republic.
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