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Guten Abend,
schreibe Donnerstag eine Englisch Arbeit und habe zur Übung ein company profile von Telekom geschreiben.Wäre nett wenn ihr mal rüberschaut und mir Tipps gibt, da ich da noch sehr unsicher bin.

Deutsche Telekom is a large sized company that is one of the world’s leading telecommunications and informations technology service companies.260000 employees from all over the world work for the company.
Telekom is an expanding company. The company is a part of the service industry. They sell product all over the world. The company has subsidiaries in fifty countries. The head office is situated in Bonn.
Telekom employ IT-Specialists and specialist of many other territories, who are motivated and good in their job. Amongst other things they are specialized internet accesses or mobile phones. They provide network accesses, communication server und much more.
The company tries to understand the customers` problems, to satisfy the customers` needs and to provide professional solutions. They also focus on major technical and social trends and play a key role in shaping them.
Deutsche Telekom also regularly ranks highly in international sustainability ratings, based on its environmental and social performance.
They are aiming to be the most highly regarded service company in the industry.
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