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Referat: The Kennedy's

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The Kennedy’s

John F. Kennedy
Family background
Political Career
“The Bay of Pigs”
“The Cuban Crises”

Murder of JFK
John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917 – 1963); 35th president of the United States and in office from 1961 – 1963; he prevented a war during the Cuban missile crisis.
He was born in Brookline, Massachusetts as the second of nine children; JFK studied in Harvard
Parents: Joseph Patrick Kennedy and his wife, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy (daughter of a mayor in Boston).
The family was quite rich and wealthy; his father Joseph Patrick Kennedy was a very successful businessman and local politician in Boston.
The brothers Robert and Edward Kennedy also entered politics (became politician).
Robert Francis Kennedy (1925 – 1968)
Studied law in Harvard; works for the U.S. Department of Justice; supports his brother John during his senator campaign. After campaign of John he worked as a consultant for the Senate.
In 1960 he managed his brother during the election to the presidency. After the election he became an U.S. attorney general (minister of justice).
He worked for new civil rights against racial discrimination. In 1964 he became senator of New York and improves the social conditions in the ghettos of New York.
Robert was shot during his own campaign to presidency by a Jordanian, after he had won the election in Indiana, Nebraska and California.
John F. Kennedy became a congressman in the House of Representatives at the age of 29; won the re-election to Congress three times.
After John F. Kennedy had won the election for the senator of Massachusetts he supported the regional industry and lowered the taxes.
In office as president he wanted to improve the social benefit as well as education, he changed the tax law to push the economic and to decrease the unemployment and inflation. He also improved the civil rights of black people.
Fidel Castro overthrew the dictator Batista and changes the Cuban agrarian reform laws. U.S. company owners were not allowed to operate their plantations anymore.
Castro declares the Communism in Cuba, he nationalized all companies in Cuba (like DDR).
The U.S. government (under Eisenhower) was shocked and forbade every kind of import or export of goods to Cuba (trade embargo).
The CIA decided to train Cuban exiles secretly for an invasion of Cuba, Kennedy agreed with that idea.
1500 Cuban exiles landed at a place called “Bay of Pigs” to get rid of Castro, but they only joined his forces, which were much stronger, so it was a disaster and embarrassing for the president.
Soviets supplied nuclear missiles to Cuba; terrible situation for the U.S., because nuclear missiles operated by the enemy, were now very close to the own country.
John F. Kennedy demanded that the Soviet Union remove the weapons and warned, if Cuba attacks any western nation, the U.S. would attack the soviets.
John F. Kennedy ordered the preparation of the next invasion into Cuba and the blockade the seaways to Cuba; Khrushchev agreed to Kennedy’s demand.
The Soviets removed the weapons from Cuba, U.S. had to promise, not to invade Cuba and to remove the missiles from Turkey. Nuclear war had been avoided.
In 1963 John F. Kennedy was in Dallas (Texas) in order to win votes. He and his wife sat in an open convertible with the Texas Governor Connally and his wife.
Three shots were fired. John F. Kennedy died.
The police suspected Lee Harvey Oswald to be the murderer and arrested him; two days later the nightclub-owner Jack Ruby shot him with a gun during an interview.
further investigations brought to the light that at least two men had to be fired.
The people, who investigated the murder, thought that the CIA, FBI, Mafia or Fidel Castro could be involved.
Example: John F. Kennedy had a very bad relationship to the CIA, because he lowered the authority of it.
pictures and movies: / JFK
The murder of JFK
The Cuba Crisis
John F. Kennedy
„The Bay
of Pigs“
Political career
Family back-ground
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