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Referat: Schweizer Armee (Referat auf Englisch)

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Swiss Army

Introduction (Einleitung)
I’m going to tell you something about the SWISS ARMY, which is also known as SWISS ARMED FORCES. In my presentation I use German Military expressions. I think it’s easier for you to understand it and maybe you heard some of these expressions befor.
Much people say: “Switzerland hasn’t got an Army, Switzerland is an Army” 10 years ago, the army had about 650’000 Soldiers. Each tenth Swiss was in the army. Today there is only straight half and by the army reform the man existence is again halved. The Swiss army is greater than these from France and England together.
The Swiss Army is organized after the Milizprinciple and each Swiss has to go into the military, but in reality leave about half of all recruits after 2 weeks the recruit school. They are ill or simply useless, because of drugs or Lack of discipline.
Military order

Some units have the over names of animals. The strength or characteristic of an animal is comparable with tanks or fighter planes.

Army corps (das Heer):
The army has about 3500 armoured vehicles. You can see we have lots of vehicles and now you know why we have to pay 5 billion Swiss Francs per year for the army. We can share this tanks in 6 categories.

Combat Tanks (Panzer)
It exists about 560 units. The Swiss tanks are known as Leopard. They are as powerful as 10 normal cars.
Artillery cannons (Panzerhaubitzen)
With Artillery you can bomb targets, which are far away. These 560 Units are very helpful with a siege.
Infantry tanks (Schützenpanzer)
We have about 1750 infantry tanks. Soldiers are transported by them in the target area.
Tank Hunter (Panzerjäger)
Tank Hunters about 300 units are quiet fast and especially made to destroy tanks.
Clearing-up vehicles (Aufklärer)
These 320 vehicles are armoured cars which get Information about the enemy. They operate in the target zone and it’s a very dangerous job for Pioneers.
Bridge tanks (Brückenpanzer)
The bridge tanks are used for fast crossing of rivers. We have about 10 of these special tanks.

Air Force (Luftwaffe):
The Swiss Air Force isn’t really great, when we compare with the China Air Force. They have about 15’000 fighter planes, but you can imagine, that the planes are quiet old and not really modern. The Swiss have 133 fighter planes. Our air space is so small that a fighter plane has about 5 to 8 minutes from Geneva to Zurich.

We have:
32 F/A 18
85 Tiger F-5

and 16 Mirage
Perhaps you heard that a F/A 18 was crashed. I think it was 1 year ago. The pilots hit a high voltage transmission line and fell.

Armee XXI
On 18 May is the popular vote to the "Armee XXI". Instead of 360'000 soldiers represent in the future only 200'000 People the military of our country. We have 120'000 active soldiers and 80'000 reservist. Up to now each recruit was obligated to 15 weeks recruit school. There is new for combat troops 21 weeks and for every other 18 weeks. But it gives fewer refresher courses. (Wiederholungskurse WK)

Women in the Army
New it is also in the ARMY XXI, that women can join each military kind. The women are to get also, in the reference to the military, the same rights as the men.
Can you imagine how many women are representing the allied forces in the war ?
There are about 40’000 women in use. But they don’t stay in the kitchen and make food. Many women are pilots in combat helicopters and fighter planes. They also operate on the Aircraft carrier (Flugzeugträger).

Swiss Army in use
Perhaps you have heard from the SWISSCOY. The Swisscoy acts in the crisis area Kosovo. 220 Men cooperate with Austria.
We control together with other nations the area around, to prevent war actions.
The army also performs work after disasters as for example avalanches or floods.
Are you for or against the army XXI?
Who looks forward to the army and why?
What is positive or negative at the army?
Are 5 billion arms costs too much? too few? or exactly correct?
What do you think about women in the army?
Are you interested in military? Why? Why not?
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