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Referat: Asian Culture in California

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English Presentation:

Asian Culture in California

The Asian culture of California is especially spread in San Francisco. On the picture of the Handout you can see San Francisco's Chinatown where you can find the daily traffic and the decorations for the festival on New Years Eve.
This colourful and very crowded street scene is typical for Chinatown and its streets are narrow with a lot of traffic on them.
In San Francisco you can see the famous neighborhood which is built of Little Italy, Chinatown and the Financial District.

When especially?
The Chinese and Asian culture in San Francisco can be best experienced when the inhabitants celebrate things like Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve or New Years Eve. The Asian folks there are bringing their culture into town and the Americans love it.

Here I got some pictures where you can see the Japanese Tea Garden in Chinatown and the attractions taking place at celebrations like the ones I mentioned before; they dance, make music, serve food and give the people the entertainment they want.
But the most famous and much loved attraction is the puppet theatre with the shadow games.
California and Hawaii are the places where the Asian culture is most alive and many tourists love to go there for holidays and to dip in the different cultures.

The 'Quest Crew' is mostly formed of Korean and Vietnamese dancers and by winning the American contest 'So You Think You Can Dance', they are the most popular representers of their country in America.

What for?
The Asians bring their culture to California so that they can show and teach the others how things are done in their home state. The opening of Chinatown also showed the Americans to be tolerant and accept the others.

The first Asians who have tried to build up Chinatown for their friends and family got killed because of the unusual situation for the Californian people of having people in their country who are taking something away which once belonged to them, but as the murderer got imprisoned the others didn't dare to do anything against the Asians so Chinatown came into California and it also brought its plus points.
That so many tourists are travelling there caused a very good financial situation for America, so the Californian actually have to thank the Asian for the good life they have.

This was my presentation about the Asian Culture in California, I hope you enjoyed!

My Quiz:

1. Where is the Asian Culture most alive?
2. When can you best experience the Asian Culture in California?
3. Which attraction is the most famous in San Francisco?
4. Why are the Asians bringing their culture into California?
5. What did the Californian do with the first Asian people?
In dieser Präsentation wird den Zuhörern die asiatische Kultur in amerikanischen Räumen wie California nähergebracht. Die Präsentation ist komplett mit Quiz für die Klasse. Habe dafür ne 1 bekommen. (458 Wörter)
von Zewdy
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