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Englischklausur: The media. Friend or foe? Discuss.

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Klausuraufgabe 11. Klasse English: The media. Friend or foe? Discuss.


Imagine you want to go abroad for 10 months, or maybe a whole year, to a completely unknown country or city. I bet your parents would tell you to keep in contact with them, to call them regularly, send photos or write messages. Or imagine you want to ask somebody for the maths-homework, because you’re already sitting on the bus to school? That’s for what we’re using the internet most of the time, I guess. For keeping in contact with friends, family. Because of the fact that nobody could imagine a world without the internet and its possibilities again, nobody wants to see the „dark side“ of the internet.

On the one hand, you can stay in contact with your friends after school, write with them, make plans. You can write to everybody, no matter where you are. You can post your vacation photos on Facebook or Instagram and everybody is able to see them. And even if this is a big advantage of the internet, it’s at the same time a huge disadvantage. Because on the other hand everybody is able your selfie with your friends from the last weekend and the glass of beer. Even your future employer is able to see pics from your last party. And nobody wants to see his or hers employees drunk. So this opportunity could cost you your job - or even the chance to get one. Because even if you don’t post any photos or texts on Facebook, your friends surely do. Of course, they will write your name under the last party-picture - and everybody who searches your name on google will find it. So the internet is quite dangerous, but not only.

With the help of the internet, you can go shopping while listening to music on Youtube while sitting at home on the sofa! You can order everything online, whether you need a pair of new trousers or a toothbrush, no matter. That’s practical, for example, if you live in Saxony-Anhalt, where the next shopping centre is miles away.
Another big advantage is that you can search any information about everything online. And with the new Web 2.0 you can also created user-generated-content, what is a huge opportunity. Everybody can talk freely, is able to present his or her opinion… That’s very good on the one hand for doing homework or discussing online about a new article.
But on the other hand, there is internet addiction. We can lose ourselves in the internet, watching videos or chatting with friends we don’t even know in our real life, what can be dangerous too.

It’s not easy to say if the internet is our friend or our foe. I think that it depends on the way we use the internet and it’s functions, and how often we use it. The dosage is important, and the content we’re posting.
Aufgabenstellung einer Englisch-Klausur der Klasse 11: Text production (essay).

The media. Friend or foe? Discuss. (487 Wörter)
21.08.2017 von chrn29
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