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John Steinbeck - "The Pearl", Summary Chapter 5

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Summary Chapter 5 of "The Pearl" (John Steinbeck)

When Kino awakes in the dark, he sees Juana doing something at the fireplace. Then she creeps out of the doorway. He is really displeaced because he knows Juana is getting rid of the pearl. He rushes out of the hut and hears footsteps going towards the shore. When he arrives there, he sees her being about to throw the pearl away. He runs towards her pulling the pearl away from her. In rage he kicks and beats her with murder in him. When his anger leaves him he turns away and walks up the beach. There he is suddenly attacked and to protect himself he gets his knife and stabs at the raider. At this incident he looses his pearl (and with the pearl he also looses his soul.).
juana is not angry with Kino kicking and beating her because he is a man and she could not live without a man. On her way home to the hut she finds the pearl and considers if she should finish her job and throw the pearl back into the sea. But then she sees to dark figures and realizes that one of them is Kino and the other one is dead. So she recognises that Kino has become a murderer. Juana gives the pearl back to Kino and both decide to get away from there and go to the capital. Juana goes to catch Coyotito and take all the corn they have; Kino goes to the beach to prepare the canoe. But when he arrives there he sees that the canoe is broken. So he gets to his hut and recognizes that it is on fire. He runs to Juana with Coyotito in her arms and tells her what happened with their canoe. Kino is filled with rage, but is helpless to do anything about it. They go and hide at night in the hut of Juan Thmás. The neighbors assumes they died in the fire.

Eine Zusammenfassung/Inhaltsangabe des fünften Kapitels von John Steinbeck's "The Pearl" (329 Wörter)
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